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Tia and Tamera’s Mom – Darlene Mowry Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids)

The entertainment industry has been home to many talents; among the famous names and faces on our screens are the twin stars, Tamera Dowry and Tia Dowry. Many people know the sisters for their reality shows and successful acting careers; they have garnered awards. 

Tamera and Tia have had the unwavering support of their mother, Darlene Mowry, who couples as their manager. Today, Darlene is nearly as famous on our screens as her daughters are and is a strong woman in her mid-sixties. Her role behind her daughters has given her plenty of exposure, besides her successes.

Darlene Renée Flowers was born on October 25, 1956. While her birthplace in the United States is unascertainable, we know that she is Afro-Bahamian and has served as a producer and manager. She was also a sergeant of the US army, making her one of the most prominent personalities.

Family relationships often grow to the point of adulthood, when the grown children choose their paths and detach from their folks; this has not been the case with the Mowry twins and their mother. Darlene developed a more profound interest in the entertainment industry around 1991 and has since made a name for herself, besides seeing her daughters to great heights in their careers.

Early Life

Most public personalities keep information about their personal lives private. With Darlene, it is hard to say anything besides the name she established and the life she made for her children. The rest of her past remains behind closed curtains.

Therefore, not much about Darlene’s early life is public knowledge. We do not know where she was born or much about her folks. Nevertheless, her parents are of Bahamian and African-American descent; they raised Darlene Mowry, but we do not know what they did for a living or their full names.

There is no doubt that Darlene worked her way up to where she is today and went through various learning stages, both in and out of school. Her career is one of the areas that she came to blossom in, and she has achieved plenty to be proud of. However, only she knows best each of the stages she had to go through to get to where she is.

Information about her early and later education is not public knowledge. Nevertheless, we know that she did not pursue a college education and that she started her career journey soon after 1974 when Darlene went to high school; the particular school is unknown, like all else that remains behind her life’s closed curtains.


Darlene Mowry’s career grew from humble beginnings. She met Tim Dowry in high school, and the two entered a relationship, which saw their enrolment into the army around 1975. During this time, Darlene worked for sustenance, as was the case in the 1960s and the 70s.

She managed to establish respect and reap the fruits of her hard work. After serving in the US Army for three years, she climbed up the administration ladder to make sergeant. Darlene’s new role would change her life and profession; however, she got pregnant and bore Tamera and Tia, her beautiful twin daughters.

Juggling work with a family has never been easy; the same was true for Darlene. She tried her best to keep up with the service but would often be off to be there for her daughters. Darlene lived the two lives until her retirement.

Eventually, Darlene shifted more of her focus to her daughters and spent more time with them after taking up a security guard role. She served in her new profession, offering security to plenty of facilities and establishments for several years, which spun to at least five. However, we do not know precisely how long she worked in her new role.

Around 1990, Darlene Mowry’s daughters caught the eye of a talent agent; this engagement would change their lives, following the inspiration to try out their places in entertainment. They did, and Darlene would leave her job to manage her daughters as they made it into the screens.

It took some time for Darlene Mowry to make a significant impact on the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, she made a break in 2000 with the film, Seventeen Again. Her developing interest in various projects and collaboration with some of the industry’s experts led her to support Seventeen Again’s production.

The 2000 film was a gateway to other opportunities, which slowly unraveled what Darlene had in her. The next project she chipped in her support as a co-producer was The Proof Point, a feature comedy and sci-fi. She had the skills and the eye for big things but decided to break from the screens.

It took about ten years for Darlene to re-surface; she came back robust as Double Wedding’s executive producer. Unfortunately, the 2010 comedy, romance, and drama film became the last of the projects she would work on; over time, Darlene showed a lesser interest in the industry.


Darlene Mowry’s life largely remains private; the same is right about her relationship(s). Nevertheless, we believe that she has not publicly been with another man besides Tim Mowry. During and after high school, Tim and Darlene seemed to have been in a relationship; it led to the birth of the twin daughters, Tamera and Tia.

However, the twins are not all the children Darlene and Tim had. The couple is parents to two more, bringing their children’s count to four. Tim Mowry is of Irish descent. He and Darlene met when they were young and progressed into the army together. Their 1978 posting to Gelnhausen (West Germany) saw the continuation and blossoming of their relationship.

After their exit from the US army, the couple had two children besides Tamera and Tia. Their third-born child was Tahj, the couple’s first son, whom Darlene bore in 1986. Seven years later, they had Tavior, who became their last-born (1993).

As we have noted, Darlene got a chance to introduce Tamera and Tia to the screens in 1990. Therefore, their last-born child came when the family’s life had taken a shift into the screens; the twins had made names and a career for themselves.

About five years since Darlene Mowry left moved her interest from the screens to her private life (in 2015), she and Tim separated. The couple had been married for 40 years, and while the actual reason for their separation is not known, they cited irreconcilable differences to be the cause.

Tamera and Tia had a good establishment in the entertainment industry, to which they owe their successes and achievements. They have garnered an award as actresses and grown in prominence, thanks to the reality TV series by Style Network, Tia & Tamera, named after them.

Darlene Mowry Now

After her separation from Tim Mowry, Darlene has kept off from the public eye. For some time, this raised speculations about her death, which is false. She will be turning 65 years old in October this year (2021). Darlene is alive and healthy. She is a mother to four children that love and take care of her.

Darlene has had years of hard work to be proud of. Her career growth and the managing she did for her daughters saw her amass significant wealth. Indeed, she has been inactive in most areas that she once thrived in; nevertheless, we can estimate Darlene Mowry’s net worth to roughly $1.5 million.

Darlene Mowry’s privacy extends to social media. Despite her daughter’s popularity and a massive number of fans and enthusiasts, she has managed to keep out of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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