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Bradley Nowell’s Wife – Troy Dendekker Wiki (Bio, Age, Remarried, Kids, Net Worth)

If you were a fan of the 90s rock or pop, you perhaps have a few bands in mind. One of the most influential names of that time, still alive in the minds and hearts of many, is Bradley Nowell. Bradley married Troy Dendekker in 1996 and passed on a week later due to a drug overdose.

Who is Troy Dendekker?

A strong mother who has walked some of the steepest steps of life, Troy was born in the United States’ South Carolina on March 8, 1971. Much about her family remains a mystery; nevertheless, her parents are David and Robin Newton.

Like her family, not much about Troy’s early life is public knowledge. Most people knew her upon her association with Bradley, leaving much of her past in the dark. Information about her education is not specific, linking to Notre Dame High School (there are many in the United States).

Besides officializing it with Sublime (his band), Bradley Nowell made their relationship public, bringing Troy into the limelight. Troy would go on tours with Nowell and Sublime; she believed in his inspirational representation of various-genre music, including hip-hop, reggae, ska, punk, and mostly rock.

Who is Bradley Nowell?

Nowell’s name comes up plenty of times in rock and pop conversations for being a talented and inspiring artist. He was loved by many, but most by his wife and son, Jakob. Unfortunately, his heroine relapse would bring his life to a halt a week after his marriage to Troy in 1996.

Bradley’s roots trace to California’s Long Beach. His exposure and interest in music grew from childhood and blossomed in his youth. On a trip with his father to Jamaica, little Bradley learned some reggae and dancehall, over time giving in to the influence.

As he grew up, he acquired guitar skills, ultimately pointing him to rock music. Rock was a doorway to possibilities, and Bradley found a place in various bands. His works with Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson birthed Sublime, with Nowell as the band’s lead singer and guitarist.

Alongside music with Sublime, Bradley had a developing addiction to heroin; it was never right for the family, but Troy loved him. He sobered upon Jakob’s birth, but his relapse did not take long. The couple was together for at least a year before they tied the knot in marriage.

Troy and Bradley Nowell’s happiness was short-lived. While on a 1996 tour in San Francisco, Bradley overdosed on heroin and died. His passing was a hard jab to his wife and son, who would have to live with fresh memories of their happy and lovely times they could no longer share with Bradley.

Sublime went through a sore time after Bradley’s time; the members would eventually follow different paths. As a tribute to Nowell, they compiled and released his fantastic works in a self-titled album. They also released a few other albums, such as Everything Under the Sun, Stand by Your Van, and Second Hand Smoke, before expressing disinterest with moving forth under Sublime.

It was inevitable that Sublime’s members moved to other bands. The Universal Studios fire of June 1, 2008, is reported to have razed down plenty of material. Dendekker’s desire for a documentary featuring Bradley’s music life and Sublime had to wait for his estate’s settlement.

Bradley’s Footsteps

Behind Bradley Nowell’s great works are inspirations drawn by Jakob and Dendekker. Today, his son makes music with plenty of Bradley in them; like his old man, he is a LAW’s (a band), guitarist and lead singer. Jakob has a dream, and his fire burns as hot as Bradley’s—his California fans feel it.

Troy’s Height and Weight

At 49 years, Troy Dendekker has maintained a great body. She measures an average of 5ft 8” and weighs about 128 lbs; her bust measures an average of 35”, her waist 25”, and her hips, 36”.

Personal Life

We do not know much about Troy’s early life, but she has been a lovely woman from her association with Bradley. Her husband’s untimely demise was difficult, following that Troy was newly-married (only a week into their family). Nevertheless, she managed to raise her son, Jakob, alone for some years.

Kiki Holmes then came into Troy’s life, and the two have been in a happy relationship for at least 19 years; in 2002, the couple married. Kiki Holmes would later adopt Jakob as his son.

Social Media

Troy Dendekker is not big on social media; thus, you may not come across her on Facebook and Twitter platforms. Some fan pages keep up with her old activity, mostly Sublime’s time with Bradley or Troy’s time with Sublime and Bradley. Unfortunately, most of the photos in such accounts are aged, thus sharing Troy’s younger appearance.

On Instagram, Dendekker shares memories, and every once in a while, her activity; her username is @mamatroypma. Troy also dedicates plenty to her late Bradley and the band, Sublime. She dreams of a sober America and passes the word on the effects of drugs. 

Jakob needs an online presence for his music and band; therefore, he is more active than Troy.

Net Worth

We cannot tell much about Troy’s career, but she has been successful in various points, adding up to the wealth she has amassed over the years. She acquired a substantial amount of money from her late husband’s sales and pursuits.

Final Words

Troy Dendekker experienced one tremendous loss of her life, just a few days into a new family with a husband and son. She has since had to raise Jakob, first as a single mom, and after her re-marriage to Kiki Holmes. Much of Troy’s life is still private, but she is happy.

Bradley Nowell made a massive impact in her life, as in their son’s. She remembers and pays tribute to him. While she does not have much presence online, most of her few posts are dedicated to her late Bradley and Sublime band. Today, Jakob follows his father’s paths as a lead singer and guitarist at LAW (a band).

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