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Dr Dre’s Son – Truice Young Wiki (Bio, Age, Education, Height, Siblings, Net Worth, Family)

Truice Young is the son of Andre Romelle Young, and is widely recognized as “Dr. Dre”. He is an American rapper, audio engineer, and producer. He is also an actor, a record directoar, and an entrepreneur.

In 1985, Dr. Dre started his career with World Class Wreckin’ Cru. Later on, he gained popularity with the NWA rap group through his explicit lyrics which depict street life violence. Today, Dr. Dre is a significant figure in the music industry.

His private life is quite remarkable also. He has had quite a lot of women in his life. Although some of these women bore him some children, he only got married to one of them. He got married to Nicole Young who bore him Truice Young.

However, in 2020, Dr. Dre and Nicole got divorced. In this post, we will deliberate on one of Dr. Dre’s sons, Truice Young who happens to be the first child of Nicole Young and Dr. Dre.

His Biography

Truice Young, the first child of Dr. Dre and his now divorced wife, Nicole Young, was born in 1997. Truice was named “Truth” at birth, however, as he grew up, gained some fame with the name “Truice”. This wasn’t addressed in public by his parents anyway.

In his early days, Truice enrolled at a local basic school in California. After he finished his elementary education, he went to the University of South Carolina and graduated on the 16th of May, 2020. He uploaded his graduation on his Instagram account.

His Parents

Truice’s parents got divorced in 2020. The duo, Nicole Young and Dr. Dre, started dating in 1996 and after few months, they got married. Meanwhile, it was the first time Dr. Dre would be getting married, while on the other hand, Nicole had been in a relationship with NBA star, Sedale Threatt. After the two got separated, she started dating Dr. Dre.

However, 24 years after their marriage, some marital issues sprang up and caused a rift between the couple. The cause of these issues was not revealed by the couple, which then led to their divorce in 2020. On the 29th of June, 2020, Nicole filed for a divorce at the Superior Court of Los Angeles, stating irreconcilable reasons for the divorce.

Furthermore, she also requested spousal support from Dr. Dre, asking him to pay her a sum of $1.9 million every month as a fee for temporary spousal support. However, Dr. Dre is a multi-millionaire, and his net worth, according to Forbes, is calculated to be around $800 million as of 2019. So the fee Nicole requested is nothing compared to his worth.

His Siblings

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young had two children together; Truice Young, who is the elder son, and Truly Young, who is the younger daughter. Truly Young, who is now a social media celebrity, was born in 2001. She now has about 130,000 followers on social media.

Apart from Truly Young, Truice Young also has four step-brothers and a half-sister from his father’s other relationships. The eldest among his step-brothers, Curtis Young was born in 1982 by Dr. Dre’s former girlfriend, Greene Cassandra Joy. The first time Curtis saw his father was when he was 20.

However, Curtis is also a popular artist in the music industry with the name Hood Surgeon. Marcel Young is also one of Truice’s half-brothers from Dr. Dre’s relationship with Michelle Denis Toussant, who is also a singer. Dr. Dre also had a son with his ex-girlfriend Porter Jenita who was named Andre Romelle Young Jr. 

He however died in 2009 as a result of a drug overdose. Truice’s half-sister is named Danielle La Tanya Young, whose mother is Lisa Johnson. Dr. Dre also has a daughter with an undisclosed mother. However, we know that the daughter is named Tyra Young.

His Music Career

Just like his father, Truice also took to music. He’s had an interest in music from his childhood and has been following his father’s step. Currently, he is gaining ground in the American music industry.

He has served as a music producer for numerous artists in the United States. He has also produced a song titled “Black Mask Methods” for the American rapper, Mike G. He seems to love house music with a little touch of hip-hop. He usually uploads his songs and creations on the internet through his Twitter account and also on SoundCloud.

His Relationship

Truice Young, 23, is in a relationship with a model named Isabella. The duo has been in a relationship for some years and is happy to have each other. Her Instagram Bio tells that she is of Ethiopian and Danish origin.

The Instagram model usually uploads her pictures, flaunting her body for her over 600,000 followers on Instagram. Moreover, she is also into music, just like her partner. She has some tracks which are produced by, of course, her producer boyfriend. Furthermore, she has been featured in some music videos.

His Net Worth

Although the exact net worth of the rising American artist is not known yet, we believe that he is earning a reasonable amount from his music career. A lot of people think that he will soon be among the millionaires if he continues to gain more ground in the music industry. However, Truice Young doesn’t seem to be living extravagantly.

His father, Dr. Dre is said to worth about $800 million in assets which he got from his music career and his brand “Beats By Dr. Dre”. We hope to see the younger Young emulate his father in this aspect.

His Social Media

Truice Young is now grown and has been a topic on the internet. He is active on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As of September 2020, Truice had about 17,000 followers on his Instagram page and about 1,000 followers on his Twitter page. However, he has made his Facebook page a little bit private and has not been sharing any posts for his fans through his Facebook account.

The Meaning of His Name

Truice is a masculine name and it means “Truthful and Loving”

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