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Howard Stern’s Daughter – Deborah Jennifer Stern Wiki (Bio, Age, Wedding, Married)

One of the most iconic radio and television personalities of all time, Howard Stern, has been making waves since the beginning of his career. He’s well known for his very stern (pun intended) attitude and crass comments, but what people don’t know, is that he’s really not always like that in real life. As a matter of fact, he’s a family man who has children. Stern is also well known for being a very popular news broadcaster, and he is even a writer and actor. His daughter, whose name is Deborah Jennifer Stern, and while she isn’t quite as famous as her father, she does get some recognition that has made her a valuable public personality. Therefore, we’re going to talk about her in this post, and give you some key information that some people don’t know about her.

Who On Earth is Deborah Jennifer Stern?

The daughter of Howard Stern and retired actress Alison Berns (Howard Stern First Wife), Debora Jennifer doesn’t try to take over the media like her parents. She was the middle child out of their children, born on May 9th of 1986. Born and raised in Manhattan (in the heart of New York City), she is younger than her older sister – Emily Stern – and her younger sister – Ashley Jade Stern.

She has always remained close to her two sisters, and she prides herself as a prominent teacher.

Interesting Facts that People Don’t Know About Her

  • Deborah Jennifer Stern has had interviews regarding her education, and she achieved getting a M.A. (Master’s of the Arts) in Teaching during her years attending the University of Chicago.
  • Deborah also has a Ph.D in numerous fields of education – Writing, Literacy, and even Reading – all of which she obtained from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • She has had to endure being a middle child with parents in the Hollywood scene.
  • Deborah Stern is married to Colin Christy, who is a pretty big name himself.
  • Her parents are divorced.
  • Currently, she’s the creator of the Debra Stern Partners, and she created it to provide therapy to those in need. She originally created the company in 2007.
  • Deborah’s husband is the owner of Hapa Inaba Designs and he also owns Geographical Expeditions as well.

How Much is Deborah Stern Worth?

This section is to explain the net worth of Deborah Jennifer Stern, because with all of her endeavors, each one is worth different amounts. Her net worth is totaled at around 1 million U.S. dollars as of 2020. She receives royalties and payments since she owns the Deborah Stern Partners company, which is estimated to make anywhere from $600-$800 grand on a yearly basis. Her husband also helps to provide for her with his endeavors and businesses as well. 

What About Social Media?

It may seem hard to believe with the famous parents she has, but Deborah Jennifer Stern is not on social media at all. She hasn’t disclosed why she doesn’t use these services, but it can be completely assumed that due to her parents’ success and social media fame, she doesn’t want to be in the limelight, therefore, she stays out of it to avoid as much media attention as possible.

The Life of Her Parents

Howard Stern and Alison Berns were married back in 1978 in Massachusetts when they were only 24 years old. They stayed married for 23 years, but unfortunately for the kids and even Howie Stern, they ended up getting a divorce in 2001 – when both of her parents were almost 50 years old. 

Deborah Stern Tried Her Hand in Acting

While she is a prominent business woman to date, she did appear in a few films since 1991, but she didn’t really like acting, so she ended up working on regular business out of the spotlight. Howard Stern is very well known for his role on America’s Got Talent, and he’s been a radio and television broadcaster for decades – while he has even dabbled into writing books at some points. Her mother was a prominent actress as well. However, growing up and seeing the life that they had to lead as prominent Hollywood figures made her realize that she would rather be normal.


Deborah Jennifer Stern is better known as Howard Stern’s daughter to most people, however she isn’t successful due to her parent’s fame and fortune like many other people in who have actors as parents. Rather than pursue the same careers as her parents, she prides herself in living a normal everyday life with her husband and working for a living.

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