Was John Cena in The Military?

John Cena is one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, and many people believe that he has a career in the USA military. In this post, you will find out if this is true or not. 

After starring in the movie ” The Marine,” people believed that Cena doubles as a wrestler and a soldier at the same time. Although he seems to love being associated with the military, the fact is, he isn’t in any form of military service. Read more to learn about John Cena.

John Cena’s Military Connections

Sometime in 2004, the WWE claimed that the reason behind John Cena’s absence from screen over the long duration of time was because he was stabbed at a Nightclub in Boston and was undergoing treatment at an undisclosed hospital. This wasn’t true because John Cena was staring in one of WWE’s first movies, ” The Marine.”

His role in the movie ended up embedding the military tag to his wrestling character. Cena has taken it even further by always putting on a military short and wearing a dog tag whenever he fights on stage. He has noted that the dog tag holds special meaning for him, although he cannot state what that motivation is.

Another reason why lots of fans still believe that Cena is military personnel is due to his signature salute that characterizes his on-air personality. According to him, though, he noted that the greeting was a form of respect to the numerous people serving in the USA military and his numerous fans. He stated that the armed forces teach him to remain disciplined and obedient to certain codes of conduct. 

Cena has also used his popularity as one of WWE’s top shots to build a strong alliance with members of the Armed force. John Cena was in attendance at the maiden edition of  ‘Tribute to the Troops,’ which WWE usually does yearly to honor the American troops serving on foreign soil. During their visit, John Cena and his colleagues were privileged to interact with various U.S Military top shots. 

More About John Cena

John Cena Jr. was born on the 23rd of April, 1977, to the family of Carol Lupien( his mom) and John Cena Sr. ( his dad). Cena was born in Massachusetts’s city of West Newbury. He had four other brothers and studied at Central Catholic High School located at Lawrence in Massachusetts. 

He moved to a boarding school called Cushing Academy and later to Springfield College, all located in Massachusetts. While in college, he played as a center in football. In 1998, John graduated and bagged a degree in his chosen course of study, i.e., exercise physiology and body movement. John decided to become a bodybuilder, and in the process, he also worked as a limousine driver.

From a young age, John Cena had fallen in love with professional wrestling, and his background ( both family and career) made it easy for him to transition to his new career.

His Professional Wrestling Career

In 1999, John Cena was enrolled into UPW’s Ultimate University as “The Prototype.” This name was chosen because of his physical physique, which they noted to bear a similitude with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. He kept fighting there until 2001 when he got a chance to showcase his skills at WWE which was awed by his performance.

John Cena held on to his debut name mostly during the period where he was still being trained backstage and wasn’t yet featured on TV. He had his first TV appearance on the 27th of June 2002, where he was defeated by Kurt Angle.

Later on, at a Halloween-themed smackdown episode, a new stage theme was created by John Cena who was clothed at the costume party as Vanilla Ice. There he did a rap freestyle and thrilled the audience with his unique style. His new identity was that of a rapper, and the new nickname became ” Doctor of Thuganomics.” His popularity blossomed very fast, and by mid-2004, he was already one of WWE’s major attractions.

John never stopped working hard, and this has kept him as a significant sensation over the many years that followed his debut. He is also known to associate with younger fans, even behind the TV cameras. According to reports, he has met with over 650 children due to his partnership with the Make a wish foundation. This shows that aside from his rugged personality on the wrestling ring, John Cena is a man with a large heart, philanthropic, and very accommodating nature.

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