Elon Musk Religion

In this time we live in, public figures do not feel reluctant to comment on social and personal issues. Elon Musk, one of the richest men in the world, is one celebrity that has a reputation for being controversial and outspoken. While we might know a thing or two about Elon Musk, his view on religion is a bit private. 

Contained in this article is Elon Musk’s religious stand and what exactly he thinks of religion.

Musk’s Religion

Suppose the comments made by Elon Musk at different times should be taken seriously. In that case, one can easily say that the billionaire entrepreneur and tech enthusiast is an atheist as he basically believes in science.

Now that we know what Elon Musk believes in, you must be wondering how he got here. Was he born into an atheist family, or did he become an atheist due to peer pressure?

Elon Musk Claims He Has Never Prayed

Lots of people claim to be atheists. Nonetheless, they have prayed a couple of times. However, the same cannot be said about Elon Musk. Musk once had an interview with the businessman, author, and actor Rainn Wilson.

Rainn, just like lots of people all over the world, is religious. He comes from a religious background and does not shy away from talking about spiritual topics with guests. 

Wilson was brought up to believe that the entire universe was indeed one family and that women were equal to men. Additionally, he grew up believing the races of the world were essentially one and that there could and should be an agreement between religion and science.

So, when Musk revealed that he has no business praying, Rainn was quite shocked. The first question about religion that Musk had to answer during the interview with Wilson was what he worshipped. Just as you would expect, he made it known that he does not worship anything. Rather than worshipping anything, he gives his time to advancing humanity through the use of technology.

Rainn decided to ask him the big and straightforward question about praying, and Musk revealed he never prayed. He went on to make it known that the only time he could have prayed was when he was down with malaria and close to death. Still, in this condition, he did not pray.

There could be lots of reasons for Musk not being interested in praying. The average person can only imagine that he is more concerned with deeper issues than simply the dos and don’ts associated with religion.

Although Elon claims he does not believe in religion, he was once recorded to have asked people to bless a launch while on site a Falcon launch. Musk’s comment about blessing a launch can be found in Bloomberg’s profile of him. However, there are no official commentaries. So, the comment could have been sarcastic.

Elon is a Believer in People’s Power

If we are to put this in the simplest way possible, it can be said that Elon thinks humans are blessed with a ‘higher power.’ This simply means he considers human intelligence to be supreme to anything else.

Elon has made comments about human intelligence being superior to extra-terrestrial life found on other planets.

Musk is an Advocate for Meditation

Elon Musk might not be a religious person. Nonetheless, he is very interested in meditation. Many celebrities worldwide are involved in Transcendental Meditation, and Elon is one of them. Also known as TM, this meditation is paraded as effortless and natural. It also has the backing of scientific studies.

Elon claims to have only taken part in TM about eight times. Nonetheless, he has revealed that it is a great practice, and it works for many people. According to Musk’s TM tutor, Elon expects his mediation to rebalance and reset. 

Elon Musk might be the only celebrity or businessman that you know practices TM. However, he is not the only one. Tim Ferries interviewed up to 200 people while writing a book. From his interview, he discovered that close to 80% of these people practiced meditation.

Many of these pubic figures can easily be said to have learned TM from the very same person who taught Musk, Bob Roth. The meditation expert taught millionaires and billionaires to meditate. However, these are not the only people he has taught TM. He has also worked with underprivileged communities, disabled children, and at risk youth.

So, instead of prying for an answer to his challenges, Musk would rather spend time meditating.

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