Zolee Griggs

The Wu-Tang: An American Saga debuted in the world in 2019, and fans went crazy. The series with ten episodes attracted millions of viewers around the world. Among its main cast is Zolee Griggs, who got to play the role of Shurrie Diggs, a loyal woman who falls in love with one of the group members.

 Zoe Griggs grew up in the industry, and now, she is recognized globally as an actress. Before attaining international recognition for the Wu-Tang Saga, people knew her for her role in Bride Wars.  If you are unfamiliar with this beauty, here are a few facts about her:


Zoe Griggs began her acting career at the tender age of eight years, and from then, she has not looked back. The actress was born in Los Angeles in 1997, and although there isn’t much information on her parents, she has three brothers, namely, Noah, Nate, and Cameron. Zolee grew up with both her parents, and she has roots in Trinidad and Tobago 

The industry came calling for the actress when she was two years old, with people approaching her mother in the mall to comment on her beauty. The mum finally gave in and signed a young Zolee to Ford Models when she was four. She later moved to the Osbrink Agency, where she landed her fast commercial and officially began acting.

A few years later, in 2007, Zolee got the chance to audition for Cory In The House. From her interviews, landing the Disney role was important because it was a spin-off of one of her favorite shows, That Is So Raven. Zolee states that she knew in her mind, soul, and body that she had to land that role even though she was so young.

When she landed the role, Zolee could not help but be excited because it was her greatest accomplishment at the time. She went on to her teenage years, and although she did not book any agency gigs, which was depressing for her, she did not give up.

Acting career

Zolee was not active in the industry for some years, but later, she managed to land a role in 2009’s Bridal Wars. The romantic comedy made a killing in the box office, making $117 million, which means people loved the movie and its cast. 

The year 2019 was busy for the star because she featured in two movies, Bit and American Sago.

In 2018 she auditioned for a role in the Wu-Tang Saga by sending in a self-tape right before Christmas. Two weeks later, she got information that they were considering her for the role. Next, they called her in for a test where she met Alex and RZA, and afterward, the casting call company called her agents to let her know she got the job.

Her excitement was evident as she knew she wanted to be part of rap’s history by playing a part in the legendary story. She was the main and only female lead; hence she knew she had to execute her part right. 

The Wu-Tang saga is coming back for a second season in 2021, so fans are excited. In the meantime, she starred in Archenemy, an action movie where she plays the lead role. The movie released in late 2020 did not do so well in the box office, but this might be due to the pandemic.

The star had appeared in guest roles in shows like Soccer Moms and Back When We Were Grownups building her portfolio, step by step. Zolee observes that when she was younger, acting as a form of self-expression, but now, she takes it seriously and exploring different roles that come her way.

Other interests

Apart from being an actress, Zolee is also a singer, a humanitarian, and a YouTube content creator. She has a YouTube channel where she gives fashion and beauty tips to her 70k+ followers. The channel is not very active now because she is busy pursuing acting roles, but her fans hope she will soon post a video.

Zolee Griggs is a humanitarian mobilizing resources for her community in Inglewood, California, with her dad’s help. The pandemic was hard on people, and she was inspired to make a platform where the community could contribute what they had to the less fortunate. 

They started the Inglewood Grab + Go program through word of mouth, and now it is an established center where the needy can get what they need. The donation center runs 24/7, and they have school supplies, books, feminine hygiene products, canned goods, toiletries, and many more essentials.

Apart from that, she runs a mentorship program GRL: WMN, established to empower women globally. Zolee got inspired to start the program by her high school’s sister circle, where girls could get advice about life from the seniors. She did not have sisters; therefore, she understood how it felt not to have someone to relate to.

Zolee hopes that the mentorship program will introduce workshops where they tour different girl schools to tutor them on healthy habits, give advice on maintaining different relationships around them and provide knowledge that the girls are curious about.

Apart from her projects, Zolee loves to cook and eat. She has collaborated with Symphani Soto, another YouTuber, where they engage in a Mukbang and discuss various life topics. From the Mukbang, Zolee reveals that she likes seafood, but oysters are not for her.

She also likes to watch Tabitha Brown on Instagram as she makes delicious vegan food, then she tries out the recipes. She is a growing vegan, and her latest food kick is finding flavorful substitutes for meat. Zolee, in an interview, indicated how life was changing as before the pandemic; she and her friends ate out a lot, but, currently, since she lives alone, she has to make all the meals by herself.

Social media

While Zolee has a vibrant personality, and she has a social media presence. She has an Instagram page, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel. On Instagram, she has amassed over 180k followers, and she is active posting regularly. Her photos give insight into her fashion sense, product endorsements, and her upcoming roles.

You also get to see her dog Nugget that she adores and treats like a best friend on her pages. Her fans were yet to see pictures of her mother until she made a post recently wishing her mother a happy birthday. We can assume that the actress is currently in a relationship due to an Instagram post where she also wishes him a happy birthday.

Zolee does not have a Twitter page but has a Facebook page, and it does seem like she is very active on the platform.

Net worth

From blogging, getting acting roles, singing, and being a YouTube content creator, Zolee is valued at a net worth of $1million as of 2020. These figures cannot be considered facts considering that it is unknown if she has properties or any other investments. Since her career is growing, we expect that her net worth will increase as she expands her professional portfolio.


It is hard for a child star in Hollywood to take breaks in between to gain back the momentum in the industry. However, with raw talent and sheer will, it is possible to stand in the limelight again like Zolee Griggs. She is turning 24 on July 30th; therefore, she has time to build a legendary career while keeping us captivated with her personality and beauty.

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