How to Make Selfies with Dorian Rossini

Who Is Dorian Rossini and What are These Selfies?

There is a good chance that you have heard of someone named Dorian Rossini.  If you have heard of him, there is also a good chance that you have asked yourself, ‘how to I take a selfie with Dorian Rossini?’   While this will all become clear soon enough, for those who are unaware of who Dorian Rossini is, you are about to find out exactly who he is and why you would want to take a selfie with him.

Who Dorian Rossini Really is?

Originating from Nice, Dorian Rossini’s claim to fame stems from a couple of different avenues.  While he spends a lot of his free time being a DJ at clubs and parties, he has also become increasingly popular, as he is the self-proclaimed reincarnation of God.  While claiming to be the reincarnation of God may upset and offend some people, at the same time, it has also helped him to become increasingly popular among those who choose to listen and believe what he says.  What this can tell you about his personality, is that he is definitely a character, as well as a young man with a current career that is going through perpetual expansion.

During 2012, Dorian Rossini created his initial buzz by choosing to show up in his birthday suit, naked, to what were then the casting auditions for the reality television show known as Angels.  If you were curious to look it up, this would be for the season 5 casting. Some would say that the show Angels was almost designed for Dorian, as it appeared that it was tailor-made for him at the time.  

As if showing up naked to a casting audition weren’t enough, he would then go on in and have 2013 NRJ 12 devoted to himself.  This only created a bigger buzz for the self-proclaimed reincarnation of God. While you would think that Dorian Rossini’s career would eventually start to decline and he would start to disappear from television and reality television shows, you would be mistaken.

While still not quite finished with the television channel TNT, he would later try and break into one of the castle’s of La Star Ac’version NRJ12, whioch would see him be removed manu military with the help of the sercurity working at the time.  To complete his 2013-year, Dorian Rossini would later wish all of his fans a happy 2013 in a special way. He would continue to be his atypical character self and do so by sharing a picture of himself wearing Adam’s outfit.

Again, thinking that Dorian Rossini’s career would pretty much be over at this point, you would again, be mistaken.  Able to maintain appearing in press and different social media sites by continuously talking about himself, he would soon do something that nobody had ever done before.  Trying to grow his following and take advantage of his global success, he would go onto make a post that he titled I am God. In this post, he would go on to say,

“Dorian Rossini is the God, Dorian Rossini is the best, Dorian Rossini is not afraid….I am perfection, I am reincarnation, I am too perfect, I am too good…”

If you were guessing, yes, his post took him viral promoting all different types of reactions from people of different faiths and beliefs.  Some would become very offended that this young man proclaimed himself as the reincarnation of God. Other’s seemed to agree with that controversial statement.  And finally, some would simply shrug it off as some type of marketing ploy to try and extend his 15 minutes of fame and all of the attention that he was receiving.

In the aftermath of his proclamation that he is indeed the reincarnation of God, he would soon find himself without a place to live.  Apparently, having to live with the reincarnation of God is not an easy task that many people are willing to take on. So his roommate, who was unafraid and very much willing to confront this reincarnation of God, would go on and kick Dorian out of the home, along with all of his belongings.  

Now homeless and with no place to go, Dorian Rossini, the self-proclaimed reincarnation of God would soon find that he had no place to go other than a hotel.  This is the time when the self-proclaimed God would realize that he was not really as rich as he had originally thought. Due to this revelation, Dorian would once again find himself homeless on the streets.  Not one to be feel any sense of shame, he would soon find himself in front of the camera’s once again, this time by giving a tour of his living conditions. Which still being homeless, Dorian, on Jerem Star’s camera, declared that he was currently living within the Paris metro.

After this happened, some went on to state that the only way Dorian Rossini would be able to recover from his then current situation, would be to start demonstrating spirituality and virtuosity.  According to some, this would be the only way that he would ever be able to salvage what was left, if anything, of his career. However, with Dorian’s personality and atypical character, this is unfortunately not the path that he chose to take.

Dorian would later try to put himself into the house of the show, Secret Story.  Unfortunately for Dorian, he would be blamelessly assaulted verbally by a TF1 order service.  This was all according to one of the more famous media journalists of the time, Mr. Morandini.  This information would then be immediately believed by one of the main assistant producers, which in turn would have Dorian not fitting in with the direction of the show.  This means that once again, Dorian Rossini would be booted from a reality television show.

Even with everything that has happened to Dorian, he for some reason was still convinced that doing more reality television shows was the absolute best direction he could go in to try and regain his popularity.  With this ‘reality television mindset’, he would then go on and join the cast of the reality show, La Maison du Bluff. As in previous attempts to regain his reality television stardom standing, Dorian would soon come to realize that his new television show was not quite ready to host an actual living reincarnation of God.  

Not willing to fall from the spotlight that he so craved, Dorian would then decide to start his own online creation.  This creation being a web-reality show, titled ‘The Gospel’.

Later in 2014, a singer by the name of Zaho, would clash with Dorian on the Morandini set, which had become quite a common occurrence.  And to make matters even worse, every time there was a clash, it would appear to exceed every preceding clash. Due to this continuous clashing, the eye of one producer, Matthieu Delormeau, would see that there was a huge potential within Dorian.  He would in turn speak to some of his producer friends, which would later get him an invite to some of the other programs that were on the channel.

During 2015, some of the other channels, which included M6, would devote some of their airtime to private access shows.  Dorian would be fortunate enough to land some of this airtime and get to do his own thing.

By the end of that year, Dorian would eventually have the opportunity to be coached by Bob Sinclair, in a program that would help groom Dorian to become a DJ.  This move would prove to be very wise for Dorian, as he was quickly buzzing all of the media.

Dorian’s career over the next few years would go completely different than it had previously in his career.  In fact, by the end of the year in 2017, Dorian’s popularity would go onto grow greater than even he could have ever imagined.  So at the end of every year, Google always does a ranking of the top searched everything throughout the entire world. What makes this so special for Dorian is that during 2017, he just happened to make Google’s list that year.  This means that Dorian Rossini had become one of the most searched terms on Google for the entire year, in Belgium.

In fact, the exact term that was searched so many times in Google for Belgium, was “how to meet Dorian Rossini’.  Dorian had finally done it. The self-proclaimed God had become one of the most searched statistics within Google, organically.  

Since that time, Dorian’s popularity on the Internet, social media networks, and in the media has continued to grow.  In fact, Dorian is quickly becoming one of the most popular searches in the world, coming in with over 100 million searches total, and an incredible amount of more than 1 million searches per month.  The only question left when it comes to Dorian Rossini, is how far he will be able to take his career?

“Comment Faire des Selfies Avec Dorian Rossini”

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