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Alice Eve Ex Husband – Alex Cowper Smith Wiki (Bio, Age, Goldman Sachs, Net Worth)

Alex Cowper-Smith is a pretty well known name in the corporate business industry. As a previous financer for Goldman Sachs, he ended up getting his start to become one of the most successful corporate businessmen out there. There aren’t many places that you can find information on him, even though he has been successful and worked hard to become one of the most successful businessmen in the world. He was known to be married to Alice Eve – a famous actress in the UK, although they got divorced shortly afterwards. In the limelight though, they ended up becoming entertainment media icons – constantly getting attention from the media. We’ve compromised a bit of interesting facts on Mr. Cowper, and if you continue reading, you’ll find out much of what you may want to know (and more) about Alex Cowper – you may even learn how to become as big and successful!

About the Life of Alex Cowper

Cowper was born in 1982, although his actual birthday hasn’t ever been publicly shared. He was born in the United Kingdom and spent his childhood in the country. Nobody knows much about who his parents were, or if he has any siblings (or who they are). He attended Westminster School, and then eventually went to college at the University of Nottingham to pursue his degree in business management and finance.

After he graduated, he began working for the popular company called Goldman Sachs, an investment firm that has made a lot of money over the years. Cowper was one of the most successful financers, and he was named the top financer of the company in 2015. However, he ended up leaving when he met the famous actress Alice Eve.

About the Media-Filled Marriage

His marriage to Alice Eve brought him media attention that led to him being the center of attention according to the entertainment industry. His wife was born in 1982, went to the Bedales School, and then furthered her education at Westminster School. She was in numerous movie projects during her time in the movies by landing roles in movies like Hawking, Stage Beauty, The Big Nothing, Sex and the City 2, Criminal, Before We Go, The Rotter’s Club, and many more. 

Alex and the actress met while they were both going to the Westminster School, and they started their relationship – which didn’t last very long at all. However, in 2014, they ended up getting back together and quickly got engaged, and then married. Three years later though, they ended up getting divorced because their lives were to busy to spend time with each other.

The Net Worth of Alex Cowper-Smith

Alex himself was a successful businessman as we’ve mentioned above. He ended up earning a lot of money for a financer, and as of date, his net worth is around seven hundred grand (in U.S. dollars). 

How Tall is Alex, and How Much Does He Weigh?

Alex Cowper is a pretty average build, although he is actually shorter than the average male. He weighs approximately 5’ 7”, and only weighs in at 154 pounds. He is brown eyed and has brown hair. 

What Else Does He Do?

Outside of doing his normal job as a financer and banker, he is well-known to provide contributions and offer charity to those in need. He has a lot of social issues, and has even participated in events such as half-marathons in order to help the British Red Cross earn more to help those in need. He continues to be a well-known financer, and many people have been able to look up to him and ask for him when it comes to people that they want to help with their investments.

With his bachelor’s degree, he has proven that there is no reason why he can be successful and get just about any financer job that he wants. Add that to the fact that he was married to a popular UK actress, and it’s easy to see why many people would want to hire him. He stays devoted to his work, and doesn’t really push his business on social media even though he was a center of media attention during his marriage.


Alex Cowper-Smith is a prominent banker that can be proof to show that if you work hard enough, then you can succeed in life. At the same time, there isn’t much known about him, and this has been known to contribute to his financial security and success. After his divorce, he has changed jobs and it’s unknown where he is working now.

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