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NBC Weather Girl Los Angeles – Shanna Mendiola Wiki (Bio, Age, Married, Filipino, Instagram)

Meteorologists are hard to come by – at least the good ones, and there are very few that become famous and acclaimed enough to earn an Emmy award. That’s not the case for Shanna Mendiola, who works for the Southern California based NBC Network on the channel NBC4. She is one of the very few that have received an Emmy, and also one that’s known for true talent, character, and philanthropy as well as her being a meteorologist. In this guide, we’ve decided to find out how much she is worth, and get a biography on one of America’s most famous meteorologists so we could fill you in.

The Life of Shannon Mendiola – Her Childhood Plus Her Career

The meteorologist known as Shanna Mendiola was born in the Iloilo in the Philipines on Oct 27th back in 1984. While there is not a lot of public information that can be submitted about her siblings, or even whether or not she has them (let alone information about her parents), she’s made it clear to the public that she doesn’t want to talk about it to people either. We do know that since she was younger, Mendiola loved science and wanted to pursue a career in science.  While her mother is known to be a nurse according to numerous interviews, it was always told to the meteorologist that she should pursue the career of her dreams.

When Shanna was younger, she watched a lot of science television shows and movies, and used to be a big fan of the Today Show’s weather features and forecasts. She almost immediately decided to become a broadcaster and wanted to work on a news station. She ended up attending the ever-popular Wooster College and ended up getting her degree in the field of psychology (clinical psychology to be exact). After that, she ended up getting a doctorate’s degree in forensic psychology as well as clinical psychology at the Virginia Consortium.

She eventually continued to pursue her career and ended up going from an intern to becoming a successful weatherperson.

As far as her professional career goes, she ended up moving on to work at numerous local stations, such as KGO-TV, KWGN, KTVZ-TV and others. She ended up building up her experiences and moved around a lot, living in Oregon, California, and even Colorado. She currently is residing in the southern parts of California and works for their top NBC station, NBC4 (as we mentioned earlier). She works hard and devotes her life to her career, sometimes working harder than the average newscaster. She starts her days at around 2am to research, and then uses many popular weather devices, such as the one and only Doppler radar, a truck weather station, and even a mobile weather station that is owned by the NBC4 company.

How Did a Meteorologist Earn an Emmy?

While it wasn’t earned due to her success as only a meteorologist, she ended up winning her Emmy because of the popular El Nino: Currents of Change documentary. She also is one of the winners of Dancing With the Stars. When she won the grand prize of $7,000, she ended up not spending the money on herself. Instead, she ended up donating all of it to the Anchor Center for Blind Children to help other children who suffered from visual disabilities.

Shanna Mendiola has also participated in many different aspects and charities in order to help other children. She wanted to help blind children to be able to become meteorologists.

What About Social Media?

Aside from her personality on camera and regarding business only, Mendiola’s private life is something that she pridefully doesn’t share. Of course, there was an internet picture that ended up surfacing with Brian Tong, and sometimes her siblings (where we don’t have anything confirmed).

Mendiola’s Net Worth

While it may not seem like much, many meteorologists don’t make a lot. Mendiola however has been able to accumulate a total of approximately two hundred thousand dollars in her career, and that is her current net worth. 

In 2015, she shared information about the fact that she suffered from a life threatening blood clot, and ended up running a 5k marathon to help the Today’s Show’s popular “Run for Today” feature, where they end up helping to bring awareness to blood clots that could be lethal and help prevent them.


Not much is known about Shanna Mendiola, as she doesn’t boast her life on social media. However, she is one of the more fortunate (and lucky to be alive) weather forecasters that has received national acclaim – and wants to keep it that way.

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