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Cameron Mattison’s Wife – Vanessa Arevalo Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Kids, Family)

Cameron Mattison is a well-known television host and famous actor. His wife is a model and is known to have been married to him since their marriage in 2002. In this biography, we’re going to discuss some information that many people may not know about Cameron Mattison’s wife, Vanessa Arevalo. He married his lovely wife on July 27th back in 2002, and have children with her as well. Despite their lifestyles, the family is well known to always stick together and even travel almost everywhere together. So, let’s figure out who this is, shall we?

Who is Vanessa Arevalo?

Vanessa is well known in the modeling world, even though she’s married to the Canadian actor. She is signed to the LA Models agency, and has over the years perfected her marketing skills and even created her own clothing line as she partnered with Nicole Kroll. The clothing line has been a huge success – known as the KEA + JOBY clothing line. Surprisingly though, this line is NOT for adults, but is actually for babies instead.

More About The Success

While she is well known for her modeling career, the six foot two inch runway model continues to be successful with her business. As a prominent businesswoman though, she is more of a stay at home mom these days. Born in Puerto Rico, she has let go of her time in the past years of magazine covers and tabloids. She’s been in the limelight as a model since she was a teenager, and has appeared in many big published works as well as smaller magazines. However, despite the 18 years of modeling, she’d rather stay home and work on her baby clothing line.

Is She Active on Social Media?

It’s unknown whether they have social media accounts according to our knowledge. However, it is known that both her and Cameron Mathison enjoy a private personal life, although they are often seen doing things like taking ski trips and more since the model has quit her modeling career.

As far as their net worth, we’re not sure exactly what the net worth of the couple is, but we expect that it’s pretty high. Cameron Mathison is well known for his career just the same as his wife, but there is a lot that a business can accrue over time – yet many times much of the funds goes right back into the business. We estimate that they are millionaires still, because they life a very happy life.

Their son Lucas Arthur was born in 2005, and they had a daughter in 3008 as well – years after they were together. Their daugher’s name is Leila, and after having children, eventually, Arevalo ended up telling her husband that she felt destined to be a mother rather than a model. That was 16 years ago, and now their son is in his later teenage years while their daughter is 12. 

Chris Mathison and His Work History

Despite the fact that they both have a great relationship together and with their children, Mathison himself has prided himself as a governor of an anti-violence organization for children called Love Our Children. These activistic opportunities shine a light on the fact that Mathison cares a lot about kids and is a softie for even his own children (let alone others around the world who don’t have a great life). 

Despite his career and proactiveness, Mathison is no stranger to the Hollywood industry and entertainment world. He is well known for his work on a famous soap opera in which he spent ten years on the show, and he helped to work as a host as well as having a special correspondence segment on TV’s very own Good Morning America show. He moved from there in 2015 to also start hosting Entertainment Tonight. Along with this, Mathison is also a prominent member in the acting community and has been in many movies made by the Hallmark Entertainment company. He worked in films such as “The Christmas Ornament” as well as “Along Came a Nanny” and the “Murder, She Bakes” franchise for an entire year as well.

What’s important though, is that despite the fact that he’s picking up his acting on the small screen with more and more frequency, Mathison still makes sure that he focuses and devotes his life and time primarily to his wife and children.


Arevalo has been with Chris Mathison for years, and while she has endured a lifetime of entertainment industry lifestyle, she is happy now to be a prominent stay at home mom who has fallen anything but short of being off the radar in the entertainment world.

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