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Stephanie Ruhle’s Husband – Andy Hubbard Wiki (Bio, Net Worth, Married, Credit Suisse)

Andy Hubbard is the husband of Stephanie Ruhle. He has been brought into the media’s attention due to his wife and the Under Armour CEO’s alleged affair that gained massive attention all over the U.S in late February of 2019. While the Wall Street Journal ended up claiming that the two had a relationship, this caused a lot of strife for her husband who works as a financer in New York City. The couple have three children, but not much is really known about Andy Hubbard himself. Therefore, we’re going to work on giving you as much interesting facts as possible about Mr. Hubbard in this article.

Andy Hubbard is the Co-Owner (aka COO) of a big tech startup business.

His name is Andrew Lewis Hubbard, and he’s 46. However, despite his business profile on LinkedIn, he ended up moving from his career in finance to help bring out a tech startup business in the fall of 2018. He ended up becoming the partner and co-owner of a company called HausMart. He recently posted a link to the company’s site on his business profile.

What is HausMart? Well, it’s an application that allows the users to sell anything directly to other people on their mobile device. When you go to the website, you can see that it’s designed to help entrepreneurs succeed by allowing them to sell products on a mobile device as compared to being forced to use the standard PoS systems.

Andrew Hubbard Worked as a Banker

In the past, Hubbard spend the majority of his areer working as a banker for the Hedge Fundthat was known as UBS O’Connor as well as another bank before he joined the forces of HausMart. He portrays his experience and these jobs on his LinkedIn profile since he worked mostly as a director of management. He also worked for the bank called Credit Suisse for ten years, starting in 2004 all the way into 2014. While working as the manager, he ended up specializing using his skill in trading credit derivatives.

Before he worked as a manager at Credit Suisse, he worked for a year at Deutche Bank, and he even worked for a company for 3 years called Kiodex. Before that, he worked as an associate at the Credit Suisse investment bank for three years – the one he eventually became a manager at.

Hubbard and his wife ended up being listed as one of Wall Street’s Hottest Power Couples” on an online magazine.

When Andy ended up working for the Credit Suisse, he met Ruhle, who was already in the finance field for over 13 years before she became a journalist. In 2002, they ended up tying the knot and got linked on the Business Insider list mentioned above in 2012, along the likes of Donald Trump’s wife and Jared Kushner, and many others.

Andy Hubbard Was a Lacrosse Player in College

Not only was he an avid lacrosse player in his times at Princeton University, but he also majored in Engineering – ultimately earning himself a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. It’s unknown why he went from playing lacrosse and being an engineer, to becoming a financer, especially when his younger brother ended up becoming a U.S. Lacrosse Hall of Famer in 2012.

Hubbard and Ruhle are Proud Parents with a Full House

As of today, the couple lives in Manhattan and lives in the Upper East Side with their three children after moving from Tribeca in 2017. Their three children are named Reese, Drew, and Harrison. According to The Observer, the couple ended up buying a townhouse which was appraised and worth 7.5 million dollars. Before that, they ended up selling their Tribeca apartment for over 5 million dollars.

How Much is Hubbard Worth? 

The net worth of individuals and celebrities is often a very big question, so we want to include this. During his career in the past two decades, according to some sources to date, Andy Hubbard himself has a net worth of approximately 2 million dollars, while his wife is worth 5 million and they share their net worth together.


Andy Hubbard was known as a financer, but that just wasn’t where he wanted to go. After diving in to become a co-owner of the famous app HausMart, he ended up succeeding to push to a new horizon while his wife remains a broadcaster on television. Despite any rumors that have existed of his wife having an affair, he states that these accusations weren’t true, and the couple is still happily married.

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