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Cuba Gooding Jr Ex Wife – Sara Kapfer Wiki (Bio, Age, Divorce, Family, Kids)

Sara Kapfer is known as the wife of the famous comedian & actor that is known as Cuba Gooding Jr. However, that marriage didn’t last long, and a half a decade ago, Sara and Cuba Gooding Jr. ended up separating and getting a divorce. In this article, we’re going to discuss Sara Kapfer, because even the celebrity exes deserve a bit of the limelight. We’ll include a detailed biography (as much as possible), and even provide some information about Ms. Kapfer as well as her ex-husband Cuba Gooding Jr. – and if we can’t find any information, we’ll let you know (you can keep posted in the future as we find some info on her).

The Life of Sara Kapfer

Kapfer has never disclosed her exact birthday or birth place when it comes to media reports. However, it is known that she was born in the year 1969. She’s Caucasian and she went to the North Hollywood High School in LA, CA. After she ended up getting her high school diploma, she went to university and ended up getting a bachelor’s degree. Nobody knows just where she went to college at, but it is known that she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree.

Not much is known about Kapfer’s childhood, and nobody really knows anything about her family. She never discussed things about her personal life, and this has made it very hard to find information on her aside from what we know about her being the ex-wife of Cuba Gooding Jr. – who was known for roles in movies such as “What Dreams May Come”, and many others. 

High School Love

When Sara Kapfer was going to high school, she ended up meeting Cuba Goding Jr. in 1986, and they ended up dating and faling in love. Their high school romance lingered on, and eventually in 1994 they ended up getting married. While she doesn’t teach anymore, she ended up getting pregnant when she was still teaching, and she decided then to become a full-time mom. The year that her and Cuba Gooding Jr. got married, they ended up having their first child whom they named Spencer, and then just a short time later, they ended up having Mason and Piper, their other two children. 

As far as the romance between her and comedian turned actor, it appeared that their love was going to last the rest of their life, but this all changed when she had a change of heart ten years later. She pointed out that her husband always seemed to be a good guy when they were out and about in public, but he was abusive when they weren’t around other people. She pointed out that Gooding Jr. was cheating on her multiple times, and eventually she had had enough of it.

Going through the divorce she states to the press wasn’t easy, and it was so much harder considering the fact that she spent years keeping the family together for the better. Three years after they filed, the divorce was finalized, and Sara Kapfer ended up getting custody of her and Cuba Gooding Jr.’s children.

How Much is Sara Kapfer Worth?

As of 2020, it is known that Sara Kapfer doesn’t actually have an income of her own in the past. However, she was living thanks to the support of Cuba Gooding Jr.’s paychecks. She did however end up getting an alimony and child support payment agreement from the actor, and he supposedly pays approximately 5 million and 10 million dollars to her according to the divorce agreement.

Kapfer continues to be a mother of their three children, and as far as the media has shown, Cuba Gooding Jr. does do a good job at being a parent with his former wife, and they get along despite their differences and issues that she endured during their marriage. His infidelity almost cost him his career, but it definitely caused him his marriage – and almost caused him to completely lose his family altogether. 

However, Kapfer takes pride in being a good parent, as well as an overall good person. While it’s known that she has the sole custody of their three kids, they do share that right and Cuba Gooding Jr. does well to pay to support his kids.


Sara Kapfer is a Hollywood ex-wife that was married to the famous actor Cuba Gooding Jr., and she is a proud parent of their three children. She gets paid plenty on a regular basis according to their court divorce agreement, and she doesn’t do anything to harm his acting career. There are more details that we are unable to get about the actress, but what we do know is all above.

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