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Adam Sandler’s Daughter – Sunny Madeline Sandler Wiki (Bio, Age, Movies, Mother)

Sunny Sandler, the youngest member of the Sandler family is just eleven years old but she is already stepping into her father’s shoes.

Sunny Sandler has featured in over fifteen movies. There have been arguments that the roles Sunny plays hardly defines her character. But it is obvious that she is just getting started and the best is yet to come.

Sunny Sandler’s father, Adam Sandman Sandler is an iconic actor. He nurtures his children with the roles in his movies such as ‘Pixels’, ‘Grown ups’ etc.

The Sandler family chooses to live a private life off the media even though their daughter has been involved in many movies.

This article focuses on Sunny Sandler who does not like his father’s movies. Below is what we have gathered about Adam Sandler’s youngest daughter.

When was Sunny Born?

She was born in California, USA on the second day of November 2008. Hollywood reported that Adam Sandler disclosed about the pregnancy on a show hosted by Jay Leno (Tonight’s show).

How Many Movies Has Sunny Sandler Featured?

Sunny Sandler has sixteen movies credited to her name according to IMDB.

What Is the Net Worth Of Sunny Sandler?

Sunny does not earn much yet because she is a child actress and so far, she has only been given minor roles in movies her father produces. So even if she earns anything from the movies, her parents may keep the money.

How Many Siblings Does Sunny Sandler Have?

Sunny has only one sister named Sadie Sandler.

Sunny’s Relationship with Her Father, Adam Sandler

People who know Adam Sandler well knows that he is a family man. He always creates time to be with his family despite his busy schedule. This probably explains why Adam has a strong bond with the children and why he and his wife have been inseparable for close to a decade now.

We know this because the family goes out together. They have been seen at various Hollywood events and movie premiers. In those outings, they are always seen enjoying their time together.

Asides from his wife, Adam also has a close-knit with his two daughters. He drops them at school, he taught them how to ride bikes, and also helps them with their homework. On a normal day, it is not rare to find the Sandler family having a good time at the beach or enjoying time together at the Malibu fair. Adam just loves spending quality time with his family.

While speaking in an interview with Huffington Post in 2014, Adams explained how parenting has altered his lifestyle. He disclosed that he is always at home before 9:30 and does not go out afterward. He added that he gets pissed if he is delayed further till 10:30.

Adams further revealed that he loves to read bed-time stories to his children as they want to sleep. Sometimes he would even dress up in a costume to amuse his kids. Well, we can say he deserves an award for the coolest dad.

Adam Sandler shared a touching story on Good Morning America while he was promoting a movie titled ‘The Week Of”. The story was about what he feels about his daughters’ marriage.

Adam told the program anchor that he shared a close-knit bond with Sarah (his onscreen daughter in the movie). Allison Strong played the role of Sarah in the movie. Adam added that it was difficult for him to say goodbye when the time came.

So Adam related the movie scene to his actual life, stating that it will be hard for him to let go of his daughters for marriage when the time comes because of the strong bond he shares with them. But his wife told him to face the reality and that he will have to allow them get married when the time comes.

Adam fondly calls his youngest daughter ‘My Sunny”. He and his daughter share good chemistry in movies they have featured together. They also share similar chemistry in real life. Sunny was caught on camera helping her dad get ready for an interview when the latter was preparing for an interview with Jimmy Kimmel from home on May 12, 2020.

According to Adam, Sunny told him about the hair in his ear and how it made him look goofy. So he quickly went to shave it. He shaved it in a rush, and it had to take Sunny’s sharp instincts to inform her dad that he was bleeding. Adam reiterated that Sunny said it adorably by saying ‘it’s bloody’ afterward, she bade her father goodbye with a kiss.

Sunny Sandler’s Career

Sunny developed a passion for Showbiz right from a tender age. While all her mates were fondling with toys, she was playing with the camera. She was also probably influenced by her parents who are active in the entertainment industry.

Adam and Jackie (Sunny’s mother) belong to the entertainment business. It was quite easy for Sunny to do well in the industry owing to her father’s success and her hard work. It didn’t take too long for her to have worked on more than fifteen projects. 

Adams looks natural and comfortable in front of the camera although most of her roles are minor and they are supported by her father. We still believe she will equally do well when she starts handling major roles. Sunny made her screen debut when she was just two years old in “Grown Ups”, a comedy movie by Dennis Dugan.

It was easy for her during the movie shooting because her father accompanied her all the way. Sunny played the role of Tardio’s daughter. She earned a nomination for the movie at the Teen Choice Awards under the category of ‘Choice Celebrity Baby’.

However, she did not win the award, Marrie Warren, Cash Warren, and actress Jessica Alba’s daughter won it instead. Many years later in 2011, a grown-up Sunny featured as a random show up a child in ‘Just Go With It’, a romantic comedy movie. Despite the minority of her role, she shared the screen with Jennifer Anniston, a renowned actress.

Sunny also featured in the popular movie, ‘Jack and Jill’ in 2011. Her career continued to blossom as the year passes by. A year later, Sunny also appeared in a movie titled “That’s My Boy’, although it was a minor role too.

Later on, in 2013, she featured in “Grown Ups 2’ (the second ‘Grown Up’ series). Her major acting breakthrough was in 2014 where she acted as the stepdaughter of popular actor Wall Street in a movie titled ‘Blended”. The movie recorded a huge success at the theaters although it was critically panned.

Despite joining Hollywood at the age of two, Sunny has grown to master camera angles such that she can now deal with them perfectly. She can perfectly interpret roles and acts accordingly.

In 2015, Sunny Sandler shreds the screen with her father once again in a movie titled ‘Pixels”. The movie also starred Kevin James. The movie is a science fiction movie and it was directed by Chris Columbus.

Although there were many negative reviews, the movie still grossed close to two hundred and fifty million dollars at the box office. It was a massive hit.

Similarly in 2016, Sunny featured in ‘The Ridiculous 6”, a Netflix movie, playing a minor role. She also appeared in another Netflix series titled ‘The D0-Over’ in the same year. Her elder sister, Sadie Sandler also featured in the movie.

They both played the role of sisters (Sally and Daisy) in the movie. Another movie in Sunny has appeared is ‘Sandy Wexler’ in 2007. Asides from acting, Sunny has used her voice in movies including ‘Hotel Transylvania.

Her Singing Interests

Sunny is a voice artist who is passionate about singing. Her jaw-dropping performances are evidence of her singing prowess. Her father supports her all the way.

Sometime in 2019, Sunny took to the stage together with her sister Sadie, and her father, Adam to perform the song “Lover” by Taylor Swift at the Rock4EB. The two sisters performed the vocals while their father backed them up on the guitar. The young star also captured a lot of people’s attention at a night comedy show in New Jersey when she performed one of “The Greatest Showman’s” songs. 

The song titled “A Million Dreams” was originally done by Michelle Williams, Ziv Zaifman, and Hugh Jackman in a movie. With her performances, she has shown great potentials to make some waves in Hollywood.

Her Family Background

Sunny’s parents, Adam and Jackie Sandler got married on the 22nd of June, 2003. In 1987, Adam kick-started his career when he was 17, debuting at “The Cosby Show”. He then got featured in various shows and movies before he launched his production company in 1999.

The production company was named “Happy Madison Production” and the first movie he released under his company is “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo”.

Jackie Sandler on the other hand started her career as a model; however, she switched on to acting later on. She has also featured in a lot of movies including her husband’s “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo”.

Her eldest sister, Sadie handler was born on the 6th of May, 2006. She also is into acting, debuting in the movie “Bedtime Stories” at the age of 2. Even at her tender age, she had featured in quite a lot of movies that we could only imagine at that age.

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