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Danny Pudi’s Wife – Bridget Showalter Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids, Net Worth)

Danny Pudi made his debut in the entertainment industry with a role in a 2005 movie. Now an established actor, comedian, and producer, the American has continued to enjoy consistent success in his career since his debut. He is popularly known for the NBC comedy series Community, where he played the role of Abed Nadir.

While he is known for a lot of things, including living his best life, a part of Danny that has been a cause of wonder in the entertainment industry and the general public is his extremely private love life. 

Danny, who has been married to Bridget Showalter Pudi since 2004 and has two adorable kids to show for the union, has never really been open about his relationship with his wife despite the signs pointing that they have a successful marriage life. While a lot of people feel it is his own way of separating family from profession, we have found out that the opposite may just be the case. From all we have been able to gather, Mrs. Pudi seems to cherish keeping her life and that of her family private. 

There is little to say about his wife as she has been able to successfully seclude herself from the buzz of the entertainment world, which is quite admirable as there is almost no room for such stars and their partners. 

In this article, we will be peeking into the life of Bridget Pudi and dishing out some interesting info about her life and personality you probably never heard about.

Bridget Has a Secretive Personality

When involved in the entertainment industry, whether directly or indirectly, having your privacy to yourself is no doubt a mountainous task and often impossible. However, Mrs Pudi has been able to effortlessly do so by living her life on her own terms. Fans of her husband may be able to catch a smile or two when out with him for an event or when she is being paraded in his Instagram page but that’s all there is to it.

The best information about her lifestyle that we could find is her being a strict vegetarian and quite health-conscious. Her husband, Dani though not a vegetarian, now practices healthy eating habits and complements his meals with vegetables and fruits. 

As a fitness enthusiast, she encourages healthy living for her household and acts as a motivator for her husband during his sessions. From all we can identify, she seems to have a happy relationship with her husband and their kids creating the picture of a great wife and mother.

Bridget’s private life also cut into her social media life. Based on our findings, she does not have a registered account with Twitter or a Facebook page. She, however, has a dedicated Instagram account with 285 followers, which is quite small for a celebrity wife. Her husband, however, has her pics on his Instagram page and describes her as a very optimistic person who has got his back. Her secretive and private personality is still being maintained, and we don’t see it changing anytime soon.

Bridget’s Romance with Dani Started from College

We have already mentioned that Mrs. Bridget maintains a very private life; hence getting any significant information from her may be futile. However, her husband Dani is a successful comedian, and as expected talks about his wife and their relationships occasionally during his shows.

According to him, the both of them first came in contact when they we’re both freshmen at Marquette University, and their relationship blossomed from there until graduation. After the completion of the program, they both agreed to tie the knot in 2004 with the ceremony held at the St. Francis Xavier basilica in front of families and friends.

15years since they tied the knot, the couple, from all indications, still have the marriage fire burning as they are always spotted having happy moments together. Mr. Pudi uses every opportunity to tell the world how amazing she is as a wife and a family builder. He also, on several occasions, posts about her when celebrating her on her special days, emphasizing her role in his life.

Mrs. Bridget, from her commitment to family, seems to be very supportive of her husband’s line of career and acts as a motivator to help him actualize his dream. Dani confirmed this fact in his comical anniversary message with a caption “lifting me since the day we met”

We hope their love will continue to grow as they break new bounds together.

Bridget Is Mom of Two Great Boys

With a marriage that has lasted over a decade, both couples have had many reasons to feel blessed, with its peak being the arrival of their two sons. The best part about it is that these kids are twins and, as it stands, are living their best life under the care of a great mum.

In an interview, Mr. Pudi talked about how he and his wife had felt about expecting twins. He described their feeling as both nervous and excited as they realized their life was about to take a new turn. He cited a co-star at the sitcom as his role model since he and his wife also have twins.

He revealed how he and his wife looked up to them and followed their steps to care for their boys. Right now, the couples are in love with their parenting duties, and they have been able to enjoy quality time with each other due to the pandemic.

Bridget Homeschools Her Sons

Bridget decided to homeschool her kids, a decision Dani shared via a post. She would take classes on every subject, excluding social studies, with Dani handling the class. Eventually, it paid off as the kids have proven to be intelligent and feature occasionally in Dani’s Instagram videos.

The family of four still live a great life together, and we sincerely hope that this trend continues as they keep entertaining us with new videos about their lives.

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