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Eminem’s Ex Wife – Kimberly Anne Scott Mathers Wiki (Bio, Age, Children, Net Worth, Height)

Kimberly Anne Scott, who was popularly known as Kim Mathers, was formerly married to the famous American rap musician, Eminem.  She is a mother of four children; Parker, Hailie, Alain, and Whitney. There is no difference in her love story with her ex-husband and the irregular motion when you are taking a ride on a roller coaster. Hence, Kim and Eminem didn’t stay together for a long time. 

Kimberly is an American illustrator artist, an author, and also a prolific writer. Although many do not know about her writing skills, she has written more than a dozen books in the children niche. Although Kim didn’t gain popularity through writing, but became famous through her marital relationship with the popular American rapper; Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known as Eminem. Their relationship was full of so many dramas and always made headlines on celebrity gossip publications.

More about Kimberly Scott

Kimberly Scott was born in a city called Warren, Michigan, in the United States of American on the 9th of January 1975. She has a mother called Kathleen Sluck and her father, Casimir. Kim belongs to the white ethnicity, and she is also an American citizen. She has a twin called Dawn Scott, who died in the year 2016  because of taking an overdose of heroin; they were both brought up by their mother and by their stepfather.

During her early life, Kimberly and her twin had a very challenging childhood experience. Their stepfather, who was a drunk, usually molested them sexually. So, they had several issues that arose as a result of dealing with that. In 1998 they both ran away from their home to start living in a Youth home. Later, they met with Eminem and started living with him in his house.

How Kim Scott  and Eminem Marshall Met

Kimberly and Eminem’s meeting was an arrangement that happened by fate. They met during their  childhood. During an interview with Eminem’s mother, Debbie, she said that she remembers how her son brought home a tall and sulky blonde girl.

She added that her son, Marshall, introduced Kimberly as Scott Kim to her and told her she was 15 years old and that she had no reasons to doubt her age. Debbie said truthfully, Kim was busty and cute and could be taken to be seventeen years or more than. However, Kim was only thirteen, while Eminem was fifteen years when they met. They met during Eminem’s performance of his favorite hint, “I am Bad.” He was standing on the table half-naked during this performance, and this made a great impression on Kim that made her fall in love with him immediately. From the party, their relationship blossomed, and it was not long when Eminem asked her and her twin to come stay with him in his mother’s home, but they were always driven away by Eminem’s mother boyfriend, as stated by her.

Kimberly and Eminem Relationship 

They started dating in the 90s precisely in 1989.  When Kim got pregnant while still living in Eminem’s mother’s house, things started to get sour between them. Although their relationship was not consistent, she gave birth to a baby girl on Christmas Day in the year 1995, and the baby was called Hailie.

The year after, they both went their different ways; Kim and her baby Hailie left Eminem’s mother’s house and moved into another apartment(one-bedroom). On the other hand, Eminem continued living with his mother. Although they both were separated for over two years, they came together in the year 1999 and began their romantic relationship again. They later had their marital vows in St. Joseph’s church that year.

Her Marriage with Eminem

Sadly, their marriage didn’t work out, and they legally went their separate ways in 2001. The song ‘Kim’ that was sung by Eminem where he mentioned killing his wife was assumed to have been the cause of their divorce. This incident caused more heat between them, which led to a divorce

Five years into their separation, they decided to get together again for the second time because of their daughter’s welfare; they remarried in January 2006. Surprisingly, the marriage didn’t last up to one month, but they both share joint custody of Hailey.

Kim went into another relationship with Eric Hartter after her failed marriage with Eminem, and that relationship birthed Whitney Scott Mathers.

Kimberly Scott’s Children 

Despite the differences between them, they both spend time together with Hailie because of the love they have for her. Hailie is the reason they are still seen together for this long. They always try getting back together because of their daughter, but it seems that they aren’t meant to be together. Kim is also the mother of Whitney Scott, the child she got from dating Eric Harter. Dawn, Kim’s twin sister, had a daughter, Aliana Mathers. She was adopted by Kim and Eminem in 2002  because of her mother’s (Dawn Scott) drug issues.

It is rumored that Mathers has a son called Patrick Scott. However, nothing has been said about him apart from his name. Kimberly and Eminem share custody of their adopted and biological children. They try to be at peace with each other because of their children, and it has been recorded that they are both excellent parents despite not getting along together as partners.

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Legal Cases Involving Kimberly Scott

In the year 2000, the month of June to be precise, Marshall saw his ex-wife kissing  Guerra John, a friend of hers, in a nightclub parking lot, and he was furious; he fought with him and was later arrested.

He pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to two years. In the year 2000, he still played a song where he assaulted a doll representing Kim in his concert. The humiliation was too much for Kim to handle that she almost killed herself. 

She was arrested in 2001 and was charged because they caught her with drugs, but she wasn’t declared guilty. In 2003, Kim was also arrested for rough driving with possession of cocaine. They asked her to pay a fine, and she was kept under probation. She went against the probation and was given a one-month jail term. Also, Kim was caught under the influence of drugs when she ran into a ditch with her SUV car in October 2015. 

She later admitted to her crime of being drunk while driving in Shelby TWP Court, and she also admitted to her attempted suicide. After being placed on a year trial, she was asked to pay a fine of nine hundred US dollars and was also placed under one-year probation. She once mentioned that she is doing better mentally from her sessions with her therapist.

Eminem’s Apology to Kimberly

Eminem’s ugly relationship with his former wife has really been a great source of inspiration all through his career as a rap musician. He used his new albums’ Revival’ and ‘Bad husband’ to apologize to her for the humiliation and pains he must have infiltrated to her during the past years.

The album ‘Bad Husband’ spoke volume of the height of the problems they both  encountered in their relationship from the year 1998 throughout 2001. From the period they got married to when they divorced, just at the time when he was becoming successful in his career.

What Kim usually says about Eminem

When she was interviewed by ABC News, she usually says how Eminem is a good father to their  kids. She also talked about the problems associated with being famous, infidelity, how and why she attempted killing herself and her unsuccessful relationships. 

What is Kimberly’s Net worth?

Being formerly married to a famous rapper, her net worth has been estimated to be about two million dollars; it is believed that her money is gotten from her ex-husband’s income. While her ex-husband has a massive amount of about two hundred and twenty million dollars as his net worth as recorded in 2009 by celebrity net worth.

Is There a Possibility of both Coming back together?

Well, like they say, “never say never”. Looking at the fact that they both have come a long way, from being friends from their teenage to being lovers and then getting married twice, having kids together to being divorced twice. It might still be possible for their love relationship to be rekindled again since they are still single.

In 2003, it was rumored that Eminem and Kim might light up their relationship again. This was revealed by his ex-mother because he was constructing a house for her. She also said that they both were seeing each other more often than before, and it was an opportunity for them to get back together. It’s almost seven years of living separately; they both seem to have a happy and peaceful life as an individual.

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Where is Kimberly now?

She has redeemed herself through therapy and is currently living a peaceful life in her apartment located in Macomb, Detroit.

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