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Brad Pitt is an American film producer and actor born on the 18th of December 1963. He has various prestigious awards to his name, including an Academy Award and 2 Golden Globe Awards, both for his acting. 

He also won the Primetime Emmy Award under Plan B Entertainment, his production company. 

Pitt came to the limelight after he was featured in Thelma & Louise, a road film where he played the role of a cowboy in 1991. He soon started landing bigger roles years later. 

Some of the big role movies he featured include ’12 Monkeys’ (a science fiction movie in 1995), ‘Seven’ (a crime thriller movie, also in 1995), ‘Interview With The Vampire’ (a horror film in 1994), ‘Legends of the Fall (also in 1994), and ‘A River Runs Through It (in 1992). 

The most notable movie was ’12 Monkeys’ which earned him an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe Award in the Best Supporting Actor category. 

Brad is best renowned for blockbuster movies such as World War Z, Inglorious Bastards, Troy, Ocean Films, Snatch, Fight Club, and Se7ev. 

Now let’s talk about Brad Pitt’s height. If you have seen Brad Pitt physically or on the screen, you would notice that he has a towering height. He appears tall but he composes himself well with an impeccable posture. 

According to Washington Post, in their article on height, people saw Brad Pitt write 5ft 10 as his height measurement on an audition form. In another teen magazine profile, Brad Pitt put down 5ft 11 for his height while he was still 24years old before becoming A-list. 

In the last few years, Brad appears in Cuban-type heels. George Clooney, his good friend was once quoted telling USA today that Brad is tall, and that he is like 6ft tall. 

Does Brad Pitt Wear Lifts?

Many people often wonder if Brad wears Lifts because he is so tall. Lift helps to increase one’s height discreetly. Lift is common with short men who use it to increase their height up to about 3.5 inches. 

Some celebrities even use lifts particularly when they walk red carpets. So, is Brad Pitt one of those celebrities that wear lifts?

Yes, we have seen Brad Pitt wear elevator shoes and lift on the red carpet a couple of times although he has not admitted it. You can check out his red carpet appearance and compare them with one another. You will get proof that Brad wears lifts. 

Perhaps you want to know why actors and celebrities wear lifts. Find out in this article.

Why Brad Pitt Wears Lifts

Before going into why Brad wears lifts, let’s reference the times he has used them. Brad Pitt was spotted in a fug brown suit, a fedora, and a lifting shoe at the premiere of ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ (a film by Quentin Tarantino) in Mexico. 

White American men’s average height is usually fixed at about 5 feet 10 inches. This implies that Brad Pitt is taller than the regular white American adult male with a height measurement of 5 feet 11 inches. 

If you do not think that Brad Pitt is exceptionally tall, carefully bread through our analysis. 

Because of his towering height, it is quite unusual for Brad to use lifts. So why does he still use them?

There were reports that Brad wore lifts on the sets of ‘The Big Short’ so that he can be taller or be at the same level with co-stars Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling. 

An unnamed source further said that Brad believes that being tall enables a noticeable visual. If this is true, then it is understandable why Brad uses lifts because it is common for men to gain extra confidence from being taller than their peers. 

Similarly, men might feel like they measure up when they share the same heights with their mates. Still, this reason is not solid for Brad Pitt who already has enough confidence having gathered many achievements and global stardom. 

Thus, the reports by the unnamed source mentioned above have been debunked as untrue. 

Asides from the reasons mentioned above, Brad Pitt may be using a lift in correspondence to psychological studies of why women and men care about height. Results from the study show that women love to date taller men. Thus, short men and women are seen as less successful and attractive. 

In the same vein, the popular belief is that tall people are better educated, they make more money and they have better health. 

It is unclear maybe Brad Pitt has any of this in mind to make him resort to using lifts. Regardless of the psychological beliefs on height, Brad is successful; he makes big money. 

Brad is also taller than all the women he has been involved with. However, it is still quite understandable why Brad may want to use lifts. There are few reasons for this. 

The reason might be because he just wants to wear them, or it gives him an additional boost of confidence or lifts helps him to portray movie roles better. 

Whatever reason it is, we can only support it because it is his choice. We cannot question the rationale behind Brad’s use of lifts as long as he keeps on acting movies we love. 

Does it Matter? 

We will continue to respect Brad Pitt as a producer and actor with a great personality. No matter the reason why he wears lifts, whether for confidence or psychological reasons or to make up for perceived deficiencies, Brad remains sexy with his height. 

Many sources have constantly cited Brad Pitt as attractive. In 1995, Empire named Brad one of the twenty-five sexiest stars in film history. He was also selected as the Sexiest Man Alive by People in the same year and also in 2000. 

Thanks to his towering height and elegant look. Brad Pitt appeared on ‘Celebrity 100’ – a list of the hundred most powerful celebrities released by Forbes. Brad made the list from 2006 to 2008. He was number 20 in 2005, 5 in 2007, and 10 in 2008. 

Also in 2007, his name was among the Time 100 which is a compilation of the hundred most influential people across the globe. Brad Pitt was included in the same list again in 2009 in the ‘Builders and Titans’ category.

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