Is Adam Driver Related to Minnie Driver

The surname ‘Driver’ might not be one of the most famous surnames in the world. Nonetheless, it is borne by about two famous people. They are Minnie Driver and Adam Driver. These two famous people have never really been seen together. So, this has made the average person wonder if they are related.

Regardless of what you might be thinking, Adam does not have any traceable relationship with Minnie. He is an American, while Minnie is an English-American actress that was born in England. On the other hand, Adam is from a middle–class American Family and is not linked to any famous people.

About Adam Driver’s Early Life and Family

Born on the 19th of November, 1983 to Joe Douglas Driver and Nancy Needham. Adam grew up with his parents in San Diego, California, and is not an only child. He has an older sister called April.

At the age of seven, Adam’s parents got divorced. After this divorce, his mother relocated to Mishawaka, Indiana, with her children.

While growing up, Adam was quite a trouble maker, and he revealed to M Magazine that he did things like starting a fight club while in high school and was quite a handful. This, perhaps, explained why he played the role of Kylo Ben perfectly.

While granting an interview with The Telegraph, Driver made it known that his family did not travel as they could not afford to do so. He went on to make it known that his exposure came through movies.

While still living in Mishawaka, Driver became close to Rodney G. Wright, his stepfather, who was a Baptist minister. Adam tried getting into Julliard but failed. So, he relocated to Los Angeles to try out a career in acting. Nonetheless, he was only in Los Angeles for one week before making his way home.

After these disappointments, Adam’s stepfather spoke to him about becoming a Marine Corps member following the World Trade Center attacks on the 11th of September. While in training, Adam almost lost his life. This incident made him come to the conclusion that he had to chase his dream of acting.

Driver attempted getting into Julliard the second time, and this time, he was successful. While Adam’s experiences in high school and this time at the Marine Corps were not very nice, they perhaps, played a major role in making him the actor that he is now.

About the Driver Last Name

Adam Driver and Minnie Driver might have the same surname. However, they are not in any way related. As a matter of fact, the likelihood that Adam Driver has met Minnie Driver is very slim. That’s not all. They have not appeared in the same television series or films.

These two celebrities do not have anything in common apart from having the same surname. Facts from the website Forebears, the surname Driver, is used by about 37,729 people all around the world.

Furthermore, the name Drivers is widespread in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Additionally, this name is of Anglo-Saxon and German origins. Also, before it became popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, it used to be widespread in France, Germany, and England.

Unlike Adam Driver, Minnie Driver was born in the UK and is British. Nonetheless, the fact that they bear the same surname means Adam’s roots can most likely be traced to the UK.

The ‘Driver’ surname is one that probably indicates one’s occupation or family occupation. This seems perfectly normal as it is believed the ‘Driver’ surname is an indication that one was the driver of a hose team, vehicle, or carriage.

Why is this so?

In the world we live in, people perhaps no longer have a name that indicates their occupation or family occupation. However, some years ago, people in small communities stood out from others in the community by one name. However, with an increase in population came the need to identify people by more than one name. Due to this, people began to go by names like William the short or John the butcher.

The implication of this is Minnie and Adam have roots that can be traced to blue-collar workers. Nonetheless, their likelihood of being related is very slim. They most likely are not even distant cousins. While we cannot trace a connection between the two celebrities, they could just have roots that are separated by a couple of centuries.

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