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Bryant Gumbel’s Son – Bradley Christopher Gumbel Wiki (Bio, Age, Parents, Siblings, Education)

You must have heard of Bryant Charles Gumbel, a household name in American journalism. He is a sportscaster and television journalist. He is also renowned for being a co-host of ‘Today’, a program by NBC and he has been contributing immensely to the program for over a decade now. 

Gumbel was the first person that announced the 9/11 attacks to viewers on CBS. He quit working with The Early Show and CBS in 2002. Asides from his thriving journalist career on TV, Bryant is happily married to Hilary Quinlan. 

Bryant also has two adorable children who have grown into adulthood with June Baranco, his former partner. Bryant’s life was always going smooth, living a respectful life. 

Things took a different turn when terrible things happened to his children. This leads us to the discussion on one of Bryant Gumbel’s child named Bradley Christopher Gumbel. 

We highlighted why he had legal issues. Find out more about this young man as you read along with this article.  

Bradley is Bryant Gumbel’s Son with June Baranco Ex-Wife

Like we stated earlier, Bryant Gumbel is a popular face on TV, especially for his sports journalism. Apart from his viewers and fans, his children also see him as a superstar. 

Bradley Christopher Gumbel is one of Bradley’s two kids. He is the eldest of the two kids from June Baranco and Bryant. 

The former lovebirds – June and Bryant were married for almost thirty years from 1973 till 2001. In 1978, five years into their marriage, they were blessed with their first son, whom they named Bradley Christopher Gumbel. 

June and Bryant kept their son’s childhood secret, so there is a paucity of information on the young man to date. Although it seems that Bryant had open marriage and kids, but in reality, he keeps his family away from the media. 

Bryant’s son grew up with his sister, Jillian Beth Gumbel. Jillian is living comfortably despite choosing not to walk in her father’s footsteps. She is now a yoga instructor. 

Unlike her father, Jillian is living with pride and openly. She often posts her immediate family on social media although she hardly posts about her brother and parents. On the other hand, Bradley, Gumbel’s son, took after his father and chose to live a private life. 

He is not on any social media. Hopefully, we might get more information about Bradley’s life soon. But let’s focus on the difficulty he faced when his parents’ marriage failed. 

Bradley Transferred to College When His Dad Cut Off His Funds

Everyone has a dream of a long-lasting marriage and happily ever after. Such was not the case of June and Bryant Gumbel, who were married for twenty-seven years but started facing troubled water afterward. 

All went loose when Bryant admitted to numerous cases of infidelity while still being married to June. One could tell how disappointing this must have been for Bradley, who saw his dad as a role model.

Bryant continued to exhibit other strange behaviors and took some quite disappointing decision when the divorce battle was hot. For instance, Bryant discontinued his former wife’s funds. 

As with many other divorce cases, June and Bradley’s divorce took its turn on the children as they suffered greatly especially owing to a paucity of funds for June and the kids when Bradley stopped supporting them financially. 

Bradley Lynn University for Manhattan Ville College where he finally dropped out to pick a job with a media company as an event manager. He soon left the job. 

One of Bradley’s friends believed that Bradley’s parents’ divorce troubled him so much, although his mother always kept saying he was strong. June added that Bradley knows that she and Bryant love Bradley and that Bradley and his sister are happy and have adjusted well. 

It is unclear what Bradley is up to now, but we are sure that he is having a good private life after being in the media for having legal troubles. 

Bradley Was Arrested in An Alleged Robbery

Bradley was arrested in 2002 at 2:30 am at Manhattan’s Upper East Side. He was accused of robbing a woman in the aforementioned area. He was not caught red-handed, but his physique matched the woman’s description. 

It was probably a coincidence because Bradley was heading to his apartment when he was arrested. What saved Bradley was that a surveillance camera captured him at 2:10 am very close to his girlfriend’s home. 

This was almost the same time when Marey Jane Balish stated that she was being robbed. The video cleared Bradley after Marey initially identified him as the robber. 

Asides from this incident, Bradley has a clear record void of any legal issues. 

We hope that we will soon get more information on Bradley Christopher Gumbel. We will update you once we do. 

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