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Larry Bird’s Wife – Dinah Mattingly Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Family, Height, Net Worth)

Dinah Mattingly is a sixty-three year old American born on the 16th of November, 1954. She came to the world limelight with her marriage to Larry Bird, an executive and the current president of NBA heavyweights, Indiana Pacers basketball team.

Larry, who was once a popular NBA player and a retired coach, pushed Diana to the pages of top newspapers with their union. Prior to the announcement of their relationship and subsequent marriage, Diana was an athlete in a profession that was not made public, and none of her success ( if she had any) is recorded throughout her career.   

While there are not a lot of information to find on Diana, we have been able to bring up some interesting parts about her to give you the hang of who she is.

Her Marriage to Larry Was His Second

Before his marriage to Diana, Larry was first married to Janet Condra with the union blessed with a daughter, Corrie Bird. Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship grew cold within a short period, and barely two years into the marriage, both parties got divorced with no real explanation on the cause. 

Not too long after the breakup, Larry announced his engagement with Diana, and in 1989 they both exchanged vows in a ceremony that only had close friends and family. They adopted Conner Bird and Mariah.

There is not much public information about Diana as she has deliberately stayed away from the media and has instead focused on her family. However, credible sources confirm that she and her husband first met during their college days at Indiana state university. There is no specific information on the course she studied at the university, but she graduated at the expected time in 1975 after being enrolled in 1972.

Diana and her husband have been often spotted at different game events together.

Her Husband

Diana’s husband, Larry joe bird, is a 61-year-old former professional basketball player that plied his trade with Boston giants Celtic, with his career lasting from 1979 to 1992. He was born in West Baden Springs, Indiana, on the 7th of December 1956. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He also works as a coach at one point. He is currently a basketball executive and the president of Indiana pacers. 

Due to his achievements with the Pacers, Larry Bird is recognized as one of the greatest basketball players and was ranked sixth in the 1978 NBA draft first round. By obtaining a college scholarship, Larry was able to gain admission into Indiana University and earned a spot on the Indiana state university Hoosiers team.

Larry was able to clinch major championships for Celtic including three NBA championships and two NBA finals MVP awards. 

In 1992, he was one of the Olympic basketball team members representing US men, nicknamed ‘the dream team.’ The team eventually went on to win the gold medal at the Olympics. 

He was voted into the NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Team in 1996 with the acknowledgement cementing him among the top 50 players in NBA history.  Larry was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1998.  His current award was in 2012 when he clinched the NBA Executive of the Year in 2012.

Rumor of An Affair

Bustedcoverage.com sent the internet on a frenzy in 2014, when they claimed Larry was having an affair with a mystery woman, with footage of an unidentified lady placing her palm on his legs in a basketball game. The unidentified lady turned out to be Larry’s adopted daughter Mariah.

Rumor of an Illegitimate Daughter

Just like the rumor of Larry having an extramarital affair, another unfounded claim engineered by bossip.com stated that Larry might have an illegitimate daughter. They claimed that an informant had spotted a mystery woman from a Miami nightclub talking to some Celtic players and one of the individuals present called her Larry illegitimate daughter. The rumor was, however, discarded because of lack of evidence.

Conner’s Crime

Conner, on charges of attempted murder, was arrested and jailed. He was allegedly seen driving a car at his ex-girlfriend on the university campus. In court, he pleaded guilty to several charges and successfully had his time shortened. Both Dinah and Larry refrained from commenting publicly on their son’s action. 

What is Dinah Mattingly’s Net Worth?

Dinah is estimated to have a Net worth of about one million dollars


She has light blond hair with light blue eyes.

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