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Bridget Rooney Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Kids, Family, Net Worth)

Rooney’s acting career had a breakthrough in 2011, In the movie ‘Zombie or Not Zombie.’ Asides from being an actress, she is also married to the billionaire businessman, Bill Koch, making her a celebrity spouse. Bull Koch, her husband, is also a collector and sailor.

Bridget Rooney had a relationship with actor Kevin Costner before even getting married to Bill Koch. She even had a son from her former relationship.

In this post, you will discover more about Bridget Rooney, the mother of Liam Costner. Here is some information you should know about her:

About Bridget Rooney

Rooney was born in May 1962 and is currently about 58 years old. However, she has not disclosed complete or full details of her birthday. She presently doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page even with her level of fame and popularity.

Based on rough estimations on how she looks on camera, Bridget Rooney strikes as an average height person. However, the exact height and body measurements of this actress is currently unknown. Her weight is not known by the general public also.

She is happily married to her celebrity husband, Bill Koch, who is a billionaire businessman. The couple tied the knot in 2005, and they have a daughter together, Kaitlin. Bridget Rooney is Bill Koch’s second wife.

In her former relationship with Kevin Costner, she had a son for him named Liam Costner. The former couple had a short-lived relationship after Costner had just gotten out from a divorce.

This former actress does not currently have any of her information on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She is very private; that makes every piece of information about her unavailable to the public eye.

What is her Net worth?

Bridget Rooney is still making a good income from her career, but her exact net worth isn’t currently known. But the same isn’t true for her billionaire husband. He has a Wikipedia page, where his net worth is outrightly displayed. Bill Koch is estimated to be worth a total of $1.8 billion in 2019.

Bridget’s popularity went up the roof when she had Liam Costner, Kevin Costner’s son, from her former relationship with the actor.

She is very famous for her role in the 2011 short movie ‘Zombie or no Zombie.’ Her husband is a known collector and works as a sailor.

A Little About Liam Costner

Liam is the son of Bridget Rooney and Kevin Costner. He was born on the 15th of November 1996 in the US. At a very young age, his celebrity parents separated, and the news was quite popular in the entertainment industry.

Although having an American nationality, Liam enjoys a mixed ethnicity. His mom is currently wedded to Bill Koch. Liam’s grandparents are Sharon and William Costner, and his uncles are Mark Douglas and Daniel Craig Costner.

He currently has about six siblings – three from his dad’s first marriage, named Lily, Anny, and Joseph. The other three are from his dad’s current marriage, named Hayes, Grace, and Cayden. Annie Costner, his stepsister is a brand name in Hollywood and was born on the 15th of April, 1984.

Throughout Liam’s father’s life, he dated lovely women and married two women who he later divorced. His very mother, Bridget Rooney was a model who was married after his father had divorced Cindy Silva. After making their relationship official, Bridget and Kevin never got married.

His parents never really had a smooth relationship after being official, however, they gave birth to Liam as Kevin’s fourth child. It was even after paternity results confirmed that Kevin was Liam’s father that he began to give Liam his trusted support.

How was his Relationship with His Father?

The father-son relationship was quite messy, and while Liam was growing up, Kevin decided to visit him to get things to work. However, it didn’t turn out as expected, there still was a rift. However, Liam shares quite a cozy relation with Bridget, his mum.

Liam is the real reason Bridget stepped into the limelight, and as such, his life is worthy of reference. 

Liam is quite an interesting personality; although he prefers to keep his celebrity life private, little is known about his relationship life. 

Just when we would think that coming from a family of entertainers would influence him, Kevin is yet to decide what career path he wants to choose.  He has not decided to tread the path of his folks. He is also seen to carry on with the privileges he enjoys as a son born with a silver spoon. 

He is also estimated to be worth approximately $800 million of stock from his father’s company.

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