Brittany Venti

If you have ever been on any social media platform over the past few years, there is a very good chance that you have come across someone who has live streamed themselves playing some type of video game.  In fact, this has actually become a very popular pastime and has taken over the internet.  There are actually many different skilled gamers who have been able to become overnight celebrities by going down this very same path.  With that being said, there are actually many of these ‘professional gamers’ who have become well-known for not their great commentary and amazing gaming skills, but for their controversial ways.  One of the best examples of this is going to be none other than Brittany Venti.

Here is everything that you need to know about Brittany Venti and her rise to fame.

Who is Brittany Venti?

Brittany is one of the many YouTubers and video game players that internet trolls simply love to comment on.  It has actually gotten so bad, that these very same internet trolls will go out of their way so that they can leave a negative, awful comment on anything that Brittany does, even getting as bad as to try and hack their way into her games and cause her to have some very large meltdowns.  The sad thing about this is that people will record these meltdowns and then try and share them with whoever they can get to watch them on the internet.  It is for this reason that Brittany Venti has grown to become a huge viral sensation that has essentially taken over the internet.

Brittany Venti’s Claim to Fame

Brittany Venti is a person who was able to take her gaming skills and grow it into something that most people can only dream about, that being a professional gamer.  She spends her time livestreaming her gameplay on the very popular platform that is known as Twitch.  Unfortunately for Brittany though, her streams are constantly being raided by people known as 4Chan trolls, who will then post many different types of negative comments about her and her gameplay, which in turn makes her become very agitated, dramatic and annoyed.  In fact, she is regularly breaking down into some very fake tears and melting down into some very bad grammar when she does decide to respond to these internet trolls.  

In case you are unaware of what some of the terms mentioned above mean, here is a quick tutorial so that you know exactly what is going ton with Brittany Venti.

  • Twitch:  This is a website that allows you to live stream while you are playing video games.  Originally introduced to the world in 2011, Twitch has been able to find and give exposure to some of the world’s very best and most popular gamers.  On top of that, they also host video game competitions, growing in popularity year after year.  Twitch has actually been able to grow itself to over broadcasting to more than 15 million people on a daily basis.  Not bad for playing some video games.
  • 4Chan:  This is a bunch of online forums that allow people to leave comments and post pictures completely anonymously.  Contrast to most of the other social media platforms, you don’t actually need to have a 4Chan account to actually leave a comment or photo on this particular network.  Created in 2003 by Christopher Poole, 4Chan has quickly grown into one of the largest meeting places for all types of different internet trolls who have nothing better to do than try and make other people feel bad about what they are doing.  While the ultimate reason for why people would waste their time trying to make others feel bad about themselves is unknown, it is more than likely so that they can feel better about their boring lives and make them feel good about themselves for not doing anything great.
  • A Twitch Raid:  This is when you have a troll from 4Chan post the link to a gamer’s livestream or some other website.  When this happens, you can expect hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people to invade that particular streamer’s livestream.  They will do this by commenting on their livestream, essentially harassing them for no other reason than they do not have anything better to do with their time.  This happens in the form of name calling, prank calling them, and just about everything that you would think happens when somebody tries to cyberbully someone.

The History of Brittany Venti

Brittany would get her start as a gamer on Twitch back in 2014 but would not be able to find her claim to fame until one year later in May of 2015.  This would come to be when one of her livestreams was raided by the 4Chan trolls.  These same trolls would flood her comment section with some very insulting and very hurtful comments that could be considered as misogynistic and racist.  Once this flood of rude and inappropriate comments happened, Brittany would lose her ‘marbles’ and become very enraged.  In fact, she was so enraged, that she would actually start to throw insults right back at the losers that were trying to raid her livestream.  One of the trolls would decide that it was a good idea to record Brittany’s reactions and then share it with the internet community.  The result was more than likely not what the internet troll had thought would happen, that result being that Brittany Venti would become a household name almost overnight.  The original video that was posted about Brittany Venti would actually end up being viewed more than 600,000 times over the next couple of years.

Trying to move forward with her gaming career, Brittany would decide to move on.  However, the very same cycle would continue again and again.  Whenever Brittany would decide to do a live stream of her playing a game, all of the 4Chan trolls would decide to interrupt her.  There were times when these same trolls would hack into her games and do a voiceover that accused her of being one of the terrorists that was involved with the 9/11 tragedy.  Other times they would take the donation feature and post several different memes that did nothing except for make fun of Brittany.  Taking things even further, in what has been described as one of the worst and most despicable attacks of all time, one of Brittany’s trolls from 4Chan would hack into her live stream while she was playing the popular game, Grand Theft Auto V.  They would place their own characters throughout the game, eventually starting to chase Brittany’s characters all over the world in what was a very obvious attempt to do nothing other than rape her character.  This would cause her (as well as it would to anybody) to break into tears while still livestreaming.  The people that would do this would later state that the only reason they were so mean to Brittany was because they thought that she was fake, and they didn’t like that about her.

Brittany Venti:  Banned from Twitch

Brittany has actually been banned from Twitch on three separate occasions.  This is due in part to the controversial nature of her livestreams.  While she would continue to return to the Twitch platform as soon as her ban was lifted, she would continue to get herself banned in one way or another.  But don’t feel bad for Brittany, as she also uses YouTube and Hitbox to help keep her followers entertained while she plays her videogames.  

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