Post Malone Parents

Who Are Post Malone’s Dad & Mom?

It is reasonable that everyone surely has a parent; whether they know them or not is a different question entirely. In this article, we will be taking a look at the background of Post Malone, specifically his parents.

Post Malone was born on July 5, 1995, to the family of Mr. Rich Post in Syracuse, New York. He was raised by his dad and stepmom, Jodie Post. Malone spent his early childhood in the central area of New York till he was around nine years old when his dad got another job in Dallas, and they had to move.

Rich Malone was a disk jockey during his young age, and he played a great influence in the life of Malone, who ended up trying out several music genres before picking his niche.

Post Malone’s Biological Mother

There is very little revealed about the biological mother of Malone, although we do know that her name is Nicole, and she has always been in touch with her son.

Before her passing away in 2006, at 61 years, Nicole’s mother, Diana, had four children. Her dad, Joe, is married to another woman, Joan. Malone’s stepbrother, Mitchell, was born from the union of his dad and stepmom. He also has a half-brother, Jordan, who was born by his mom to her former lover.

Post Malone’s Rise to Stardom

In 2015, the rapper released a hit track titled “White Iverson,” which put him in front of the spotlight.  After this hit in the same year, he entered a music contract with Republic record and made another music titled “too young.” From there, he published his first musical album, which was tagged “Stoney.” There was a total of 14 tracks in the album and four other bonus tracks. He is simply a chip off the old block as his dad was a well-celebrated disc jockey during his days.

Post Malone Relationship

Many fans are interested in knowing if Malone has been involved in a relationship in the past or if he is currently in any serious one at the moment. This prolific rapper isn’t yet married nor has children. However, he has been in a well-known relationship with music producer and promoter Ashlen Diaz for at least five years.

Successful Music Career

Malone has a successful career in music and has bagged some accolades for them. For example, a track called “Congratulations” from the “Stoney” album was awarded a diamond certification by RIAA. The album remained on the US Billboard Top chart for a total of 77 weeks.

Malone has been the icon that many glass manufacturers use for marketing their products. For example, Arnette, one of the most notable glass manufacturers, entered a deal with Malone to create the best glasses that break the rules.

Their partnership started in 2019, and the first set of glasses for this deal were rolled out in September of the same year. Annette is a common brand with surfers, snowboarders, and skaters. It seems to be the perfect brand to go with Malone’s style. Annette claims that the designs of the new frames are made to typify Malone’s anti-fashion swag. Malone fans have the privilege of going for the blue tone Daemon or the yellow hue. The former was inspired by Malone’s tattoo under his eyes which reads, “always tired while the latter says to stay away.

Malone’s way of Handling His Insecurities

Malone has so many tattoos all over his body, including his face, and his numerous fans, through the years, have been trying to understand their connotations. During one of the singer’s interviews, he mentioned that his numerous tattoos are inspired by his insecurities. The Annette glasses are inspired by these tattoos.

On his insecurities, Malone has always seen himself as someone ugly and sees tattoos to put something cool on the ugly face. He noted that the tattoos give him self-confidence in terms of his looks and facial appearance. Therefore, the glasses seem to be a perfect alternative for people who will like to boost their self-confidence without drawing a tattoo on their body. The glasses that are inspired by Malone are great and perfect. At a fashion week recently, Bella Hadid wore one of the glasses.


Malone’s approach to fashion can be best described as that of a nonconformist. Regardless, he has had a previous endorsement deal in the fashion world with Crocs, where several shoes that portray his kind of style were released. Most of the designs were also inspired by the tattoos on his body.

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