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Kenan Thompson’s Wife – Christina Evangeline Wiki (Bio, Age, Kids, Family, Net Worth)

For fans of NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) comedy show, the name Kenan Thompson will probably ring a bell. The 41-year-old comedian and actor is the longest-running member of the show. He has been a mainstay in the immensely popular American comedy show since 2003. He’s not just a familiar face on the show; he has consistently shown excellent performance. He has bagged three Emmy Awards Nominations and a win for his outstanding role in the show. Apart from the SNL, Kenan Thompson has also played major roles in several successful Hollywood films. Suffice to say; he is an authority in comedy and a celebrated actor. However, while most of the limelight has been focused on Kenan Thompson, his wife, Christina Evangeline, has been mostly behind the scenes. She has been an important factor in Thompson’s continued career success. In this writeup, we’ll explore the life of the 30-year-old beauty in the life of comedian Kenan Thompson.

Early Life

Christina Evangeline was born on 24th March, 1989 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She was raised as a single child by a former marine father and a supporting mother. Her parents were middle-income earners. Christina Evangeline attended high school in her hometown and started working as a waitress to support her modeling ambition after her matriculation. Her grandfather, Joe, ran a construction company with strings of success constructing several buildings in New York City. According to Christina Evangeline, her grandfather’s construction company was part of dozens of several companies that helped erect New York’s twin tower. Apart from little trickles of information, she has dropped on her social media accounts, not much is known about her early life and educational history.

Marriage to Kenan Thompson

One of the most prominent events in Christina Evangeline’s life is her marriage to Kenan Thompson. After meeting Kenan Thompson, Christina Evangeline and Thompson dated for about two years before getting engaged in September 2010. A year later, the pair were joined as man and wife in a stunning ceremony held at the Georgia aquarium. The wedding was a restricted event and was hosted by renowned actor and hip-hop artist Nick Cannon. 

Despite being married to a celebrity, most details regarding her married life have been kept under wraps. Fortunately, unlike several Hollywood celebrity marriages, Christina Evangeline’s marriage to Kenan Thompson has so far been free of scandals and public drama. The pair have been blessed with a blissful marriage and two children. Their first child, a girl, came on 20th June 2014. She is named Georgia Marie Thompson. Their second child, Gianna Michelle Thompson, was born on 31st July 2018. Christina Evangeline shared a picture of her baby bump on Instagram just five days before she was due in an unusual disclosure of her private life. The couple is currently living happily with their two children at their New York residence.

Who Is Christina Evangeline’s Husband?

Born 10th May 1978, Kenan Thompson is an American actor and comedian best known for being a cast member in NBC’s Saturday Night Live show. Kenan Thompson’s parents, Fletcher and Elizabeth, raised him alongside his younger sister and elder brother in Atlanta. Kenan had a passion for acting at a very young age. He scored his first acting role at the age of 5. The role was to play a “Toto” character in a church play titled “The Wiz.”

One of his earliest roles was as a reporter for CNN’s “Real News for Kids.” He then starred in the movie “All That” alongside characters like Superdude, Miss Piddlin, Principal Pimpell, and Pierre Escargot. Also, he starred in Nickelodeon’s Kenan & Kel as the character Kenan. He attended a visual and performing art school to horn his acting skills. Next, he made a Hollywood debut at the age of 16 by playing a role in the 1994 film “D2: The Mighty Ducks.” The next year, he bagged another role on the 1995 film “Heavyweights.” He played Dexter Reed in the 1997 film “Good Burger.”

After featuring in “D2: The Mighty Ducks,” he also made a significant appearance in D3: The Mighty Ducks. He went on to play supporting roles in movies like My Boss’s Daughter, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Snakes on a Plane, and  Barbershop 2: Back in Business. Between the years 2000 and 2010, Kenan Thompson has appeared in ten movies, some of which have achieved relative commercial success.

NBC has always been a fan of Kenan Thompson. The TV Network has used the services of the actor for around 18 years. He joined NBC’s Saturday Night Live comedy show in 2003 and has been a cast member ever since. He was the show’s only cast member born after the show had premiered in 1975. During his several attempts to participate in the show, he was rejected for looking too young. He was a big fan of the show even before joining. At a point, he feared taking part in the show would ruin the show he had grown up to love.

However, he soon overcame his fear when he was eventually accepted. He was a featured player during the 29th and 30th, which ended in 2005. He was subsequently promoted to a repertory player at the beginning of the 31st season. He has since played roles in the show for over 18 seasons. In 2019, NBC featured him as the judge for their comedy competition series called Bring the Funny. In 2019, NBC announced they’ll be picking up Kenan Thompson’s single-camera comedy show. 

Christina Evangeline’s Career

After her high school education, Christina Evangeline was eagle-eyed focus on becoming a model. She worked as a waitress to support her modeling dreams until she eventually broke into the modeling scene. Evangeline might not have achieved the coveted “superstar model” status, but she did make a name for herself within the modeling industry. A modeling scout spotted her shortly after completing high school. She received some training and went ahead to work for several local brands. However, she worked mostly for lesser-known brands until Scouts of Calvin Klein and Versace picked her up. As a result of working for a top brand, she gained more recognition and started being associated with other big brand names. During this time, she walked the runway at several fashion shows and was featured in different magazines. However, apart from the little information she has divulged, the depth of her success in her modeling career is relatively unknown.

Apart from her career in modeling, Christina Evangeline also had a stint in acting. Her most recognized project (or perhaps her only project) in mainstream acting is her role in the 2015 short movie “Mini Supreme.” In the movie, her role revolved around a guy called “Jeremie” who was recently sacked from his job. To raise money to settle his rent, Jeremie disguised as a seven-year-old girl plagued with a growth disorder in order to participate in a beauty pageant for children. Christina played the role of a mother to one of the children participating in the beauty pageant. Although it’s not known whether she outrightly quitted acting, she is currently focused on her job as an interior designer. 

Christina Evangeline’s Philanthropic Work

Bolstered by her financial gains over the years and her rich partner, Evangeline, involves herself in a lot of philanthropic work. She is the founder of “Evermore,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those who have lost loved ones. Evangeline lost family members at a young age. This and a few other reasons motivated her to establish the Evermore foundation.

The Evermore foundation is not Evangeline’s only involvement in charitable causes. She has also worked with “The Christian River Foundation,” named after a kid that died from a brain tumor. The organization dedicates its time to gathering resources to help find a remedy to brain tumors. She also works with a global charity group called “Save The Children Foundation.” The foundation works to save children by bringing them healthcare services and other assistance. She has also been associated with the “American Refugee foundation” and “My Stuff Bags Foundation.”

Social Media Presence

Christina Evangeline is notoriously clandestine about her private dealings. However, after giving birth to her first child, she has always found time to share about children. She has around 16k followers on Instagram, where she uploads videos of her kids growing up. Her husband, on the other hand, has over 583k Instagram followers. Just like Christina Evangeline, Kenan also shares videos and images of their children growing. Evangeline also has a passion for travel and photography. She shares pictures of places she’s been to on her social media accounts. She’s also a healthy leaving advocate. She shares advice on healthy diets and lifestyle on her social media accounts.

Net Worth

Most of Christina Evangeline’s Net Worth is tied to that of her husband. Her husband is currently worth around $11 million. She’s currently involved in a range of entrepreneurial ventures, although those businesses’ exact financial worth is unknown. She has also had a few successes in the entertainment industry, helping her gather some assets. Her work as an interior designer has also boosted her financial stance. 

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