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Colin Hanks Wife – Samantha Bryant Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Pictures, Kids, Family)

Samantha Bryant has worked as a production assistant, actress, and publicist but the major reason behind her popularity is her marriage to Colin Hanks. In case you have been curious about her, find out rare information about this beautiful woman in this post.

Samantha’s relationship with Colin

In 2013, the people’s magazine listed Colin Hanks as one of the hottest bachelors. Apart from being a celebrity, his good looks and smile are powerful enough to melt any girl’s heart. No wonder, when he finally got married to Samantha, so many ladies became heartbroken- their crush was finally hooked up. Others could attest that Samantha was indeed a lucky girl to have stolen the heart of this handsome prince.

At the beginning of their relationship, things weren’t as smooth for them as it may have seemed. Although they had met for the first time through a mutual friend, they never had a thing. However, they moved on from just being associates to friends, and from there, they proceeded to become lovers. According to Colin, they soon discovered that they had strong chemistry when they began dating.

Samantha reported that she once called Colin, a perfect gentleman, and that statement got to his heart. He never stopped thinking about her, and soon in 2009, they became engaged. In the year 2010, they threw a lavish wedding that saw big stars in attendance.

Samantha Bryant’s Wedding Ceremony

On the 8th day of May 2010, Samantha and her husband Colin walked down the aisle. The ceremony took place on the roof of a prestigious hotel around sunset. They rented up the entire pool area at the roof top of the London West Hollywood Hotel. The entire area was decorated with beautiful ball lamps.

There was over 300 guests at the wedding event including Hollywood big names like Jim Toth, Alyssa Milano, Reese Witherspoon, and Stephen Spielberg. 

According to rumors, the other people who had come to the hotel earlier that day were asked to leave the venue by 3 pm to give the decorations team the opportunity and space to prepare the venue for the occasion. However, to compensate them for any inconveniences, they got free drinks. Today their marriage is over a decade old, and they have been getting stronger and happier in the union. On many occasions, the duo is seen together at red carpets.

Samantha’s Children with Colin Hanks

Samantha is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters, and she has since resigned from her career to be a stay at home mother to her kids. The couple was blessed with their first daughter Olivia Jane Hanks on the 1st of February, 2011. Colin’s dad Tom Hanks was very glad to welcome his first grandchild.

On the 2nd of July 2013, they were equally blessed with their second child. This was two years after their first daughter and they were very expectant of her coming, so they announced her arrival two months before the time.

Colin once joked about his experience as a father when he said that the first three months of a child’s life involve sleeve ping, pooping, and crying while the other person does all the work.

The US Magazine also shared him talking about how the daughters do not know their granddad’s status in society. Although Tom reminds them all the time, they still spend their playtime with him just like any grandchild would with their granddad. On the other hand, Colin noted that his dad also plays with them and give them things that they shouldn’t have and wouldn’t listen to anyone telling him to do otherwise.

Like any normal dad, Colin loves his daughters very much. In an interview that he granted with Stephen Colbert, Colin disclosed his reaction on the day he took his first daughter home. According to him, he shed tears of joy.

Samantha Bryant’s Parents

Based on Colin’s post on Instagram, his wife was born on the 14 of April. She worked as a production assistant and restaurant publicist before deciding to retire from work and focus on raising their daughters.

Like Colin, the famous Hollywood celebrity, Tom Hanks, Samantha is also born by actor parents. Her parents have once worked with Tom Hanks in the past, as reported in a 2009 New York Times publication. Even though Colin does not waste time talking about his wife on social media, information about her past life is not available anywhere on the internet. She loves to maintain a private life. She doesn’t have an account on any social media platform, which makes it hard to find out new things about her.

She made her first appearance in the movie scene in 1986, where she cast for a small role in a tv series titled “The Singing Detective.” There she was just a child, and it was a good start for her. She acted as Barbara, a student in the same class as Philip Marlow, in the episode called “who done it.” This episode had Philip narrating events of his childhood and blamed Binney for an error that occurred at the school. When it was time to ask questions, Barbara stood up to support the answers that Philip gave. Never despise small beginnings, right? This is so true as even though it was a small role, that was where Samantha started her acting career. However, acting was not her thing as she couldn’t get a breakthrough, even though she had an early start. Therefore, she went from being an actress in front of a camera to being a production assistant, working behind the scenes.

Samantha worked with popular director, Job Favreau and she was his assistant when he shot the movie Zathura: A Space Adventure. She also worked as production director in the movies “Grave Mysteries” and “First Time Flippers.” She went on to direct “Still Swingin,” a short TV documentary.

Having worked behind the scenes for a long time, she finally decided to pause on her career in the Hollywood movie Industry and focus on raising her two daughters. She is strong support for her husband, who doesn’t need to worry too much about the home front as he chases his career goals.

Samantha is Loved by Colin’s family.

Rita Wilson, Colin’s stepmom and popular actress, sees him as her son. She referred to him as her son when she mentioned that he was too naive to notice Kate Hudson was into him. In mocking him, she added how Kate used to come over to their house on a bicycle to see if Colin was home, but he wasn’t aware of her advances.

Similarly, just as Rita loves Colin, she also loves his wife Samantha and is always accommodating. Rita and Tom are often seen walking the street in LA with their grandkids while in pajamas and shorts. On some occasions, Samantha is also seen in their company at events, outings, and during Christmas.

Samantha Bryant’s Net Worth

As the wife of Colin and daughter-in-law of Tom Hanks, Samantha is married into a wealthy home. Colin and his dad both have a successful career in the movie industry and have acquired lots of Fortune for themselves.

Before her marriage, Samantha worked as a publicist in New York for a good part of her career. She had also worked in Hollywood as an assistant and actress. With these, we can estimate her net worth to be $400,000. However, there is no online data backing this yet.

She lives a glamorous and flashy life as the wife of a millionaire husband. Since she is a full housewife now as she is being catered for from her husband’s $15 million net worth.

Samantha’s Relationship with her Husband After ten years of Marriage

The marriage of Samantha to her husband Colin was founded on a long-term friendship. Even though their marriage is ten years, they have been good friends for much longer. Chris Dad had a very successful marriage, and it is obvious that he also decided to walk in the footsteps.

Anytime Chris is premiering a movie or appears at a red-carpet event, she will always be found solidly behind his side to offer her support. Colin is also very quick to share sweet words about his wife. It is common to find lots of sweet posts that he dedicated to his wife on his Instagram page.

In one of his posts on Mother’s Day, he posted about how he keeps finding new ways to love Samantha even though their marriage is already ten years. It was a typical post of his. He always ensures that he drops a post about his dear wife on any special occasion such as their anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc. It must be one way he has succeeded in keeping his marriage successful for all these years. Their relationship is like that of Rita and Tom, and we are hopeful that it will last as long.

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