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Bubba the Love Sponge’s Wife – Heather Clem Wiki (Bio, Age, Family, Kids, Net Worth)

If you are a radio fan, you are probably familiar with Bubba the Love Sponge, or as his parents named him, Todd Alan Clem. Apart from radio, he is also an entrepreneur, producer, actor, and abstract painter.

The controversial radio host was born in April 1966 in Indiana. He went to Warsaw Community High School and later joined the Indiana State University. Bubba planned to become a dentist. However, his best friend Larry Plummer realized that he was perfect for radio.

He dropped out shortly after. He had a humble beginning as a driver and a bouncer at a club. He has also been sued in court by several people, including the pornographic film actress popularly known as Brooke Skye.

And also by his competitor, Todd Schnitt, for defamation regarding what he said about his family. Luckily, both cases went in his favor. If you happen to have had more interest, Heather Clem, his former wife, should not be a strange name to you.

Or you might know her from the sex scandal with Hulk Hogan. In this article, I will take you through Heather’s life for you to know her better.

What you may not know about Heather

Her friends know the forty-seven-year-old as Heather. And yes, not everyone goes by a funny or weird nickname.  Heather Dawn Cole likes to keep fit and cannot afford to miss her exercise every morning. If you are wondering about her kilos, she weighs approximately 132 lbs.  

On the other hand, she is 5.8 feet tall, which makes her stunning despite her age. She measures 36, 30, and 34 at the breast, waist, and hips, respectively. Heather is an American National and was born in West Virginia. Her grey eyes and dark brown hair are a perfect fit.

On matters to do with religion, she is Christian. You might conclude that Heather is a vegetarian due to her love for fitness; I thought so too. However, she is passionate about food and likes non-vegetarian meals. Her zodiac sign is cancer.

She is also a pet lover, and her love for pups is evident as she is a happy owner of two. Heather also comes up with quotes during her free time and lives with her daughter in Apollo Beach in Florida. She also likes to empower the female gender.

Education background

Like most people, she attended high school in her local town. She was later admitted to the University of Arizona. However, on completion, she preferred to venture into business.


Her interest in modeling had never died down from childhood. She has successfully worked with various brands and even appeared in magazines. She also promotes some on her Instagram page. To generate some income, she is a gym instructor, and her tips have been helpful to many. 

Due to her vast knowledge, Heather previously worked with the Advo Care Institute and now works at the CF-L1. Unknown to many, she also tried steering her career towards the acting arena.  She appeared in films such as The Barren Pine and Crafting with Connie as the lead role.

Family and Relationships

Before and after the public eye, Heather has always done an excellent job keeping her life private. Nothing is known about her parents and siblings. As for motherhood, Clem has a daughter with her former boyfriend, whose information is not known.

She goes by the name of Julia Champ. She attended Florida State University and graduated in 2019. She must be a proud mother as she posts her daughter from time to time on her social media platform. Every year on July 17, she wishes her a happy birthday. 

Contrary to what many might think, Tyler Clem was not Heather’s biological son, but from Bubba’s previous marriage that took a total of ninety-one days. Hulk Hogan is Tyler’s godfather. Bubba claimed that his first wife couldn’t conform to the pressure of his career of switching to different places.

 She wanted to stay in Terre Haute. A year later and towards the end of 2006 is when Bubba and Clem started seeing each other. How they met is still unclear, but after some months, they decided to take the vows and move to the next level at the First Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

This happened in the year 2007, in January. They seemed happy for the first three years until the union hit the rocks. They even started living in different houses. And on September 2011, they made their separation formal with a divorce. Bubba termed their marriage as broken during the application.

They shared their properties. However, Heather received a payment of $20,000 and still gets $1,150 per month from her former husband. Her net worth stands at a million dollars. Bubba later sold their home in St. Petersburg at $1.8 million.

It measured 6.367 square feet and had four bedrooms. Bubba also dated Nicole L’Ange from 2012 to 2017, when she wanted protection from Clem. However, Clem was quick to deny that he had abused her.

The Scandal

Heather became famous in 2012 when a sex tape involving her and Hulk Hogan surfaced on an American website. What came as a shock to many was the fact that Hulk and Bubba were best friends. Moreover, the renowned wrestler was the best man at their wedding.

The juicy detail was Heather’s claim that her husband told her to do it. Hogan and Heather both claimed that they did not know anything about any recording at the time. She, however, went on to say that Bubba had made the tape.

She insisted for it be destroyed, but it appeared online years later. Hulk sued the website and landed a settlement of $149 million for the invasion of his privacy. Despite an apology from Bubba, $5000 settled the case between the two former friends.

Thank you for your time. I hope you learned new stuff about Heather Dawn Cole. In case of any further information, I will keep you posted.

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