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When the show Love It or List It comes to mind, there are only two faces that pop up: David Visentin and Hilary Farr. David and Hillary have hosted the show since 2008, and it has become an international success. Many Canadians will tell you that it is hard to picture the show without these faces.

Although Hilary and David make a great team, fans of the show always assume they are married because they banter like an old married couple. However, this is not the case because each of them lives their life off-camera. Today we focus on David Visentin and his life on and off camera.

Who is David Visentin?

To the world, David Visentin is a TV host, an actor, and a realtor; he is a father and a husband to his family. David is recognized worldwide because of the Love It or List It show that has two Gemini Award nominations under its belt.  

The show airs both in Canada and America, reaching a broad audience; most American audiences are not aware that the show hails from Canada because they are very familiar with it. It was among Hillary Clinton’s favorite list of shows at a certain point, which made it even more popular.

The realtor of Italian, British, and Canadian roots came into the world on June 28th, 1965. The now 50-year old realtor grew up in Ontario, Canada, with his dad Nick Visentin. Not much information is available about his mother, but allegedly she possesses Scottish roots. David does have a sister, namely Bonnie Visentin, who enjoys swimming like him, and a brother, Ryan Reynolds, with whom he watches movies.

He is charitable as he is punctual to fundraisers, loves cycling, and occasionally participates in marathons. He went to the University of Waterloo, named after its location, and graduated with a degree in engineering. It unclear if David practiced engineering professionally because he began working as an agent for Home Country Living Realty in 1987.

What Does He Do?

David Visentin learned all he could from his father about real-estate from a young age, no wonder he analyses properties efficiently. Later he found himself auditioning for the Love It or List It show, where he landed the role of a lifetime. If it were not for the show, there is a high possibility people would never have known who David Visentin was.

The year 2008 marked the beginning of his career as a television host, working with the Big Coats Productions Company that owns Love It or List It. So far, David and His co-host, Hilary, filmed over 400 episodes of the show by 2019. Both Hilary and David have their respective parts to play; David negotiates with the homeowners if they want to leave or list it, while Hilary provides renovation options.

Apart from appearing in Love It or List It, David is a guest contributor to various shows like The Today Show, Marilyn Denis Show, and The Kelly Clarkson Show. He is also a regular contributor to The Canadian Press, and he featured in a Fox News Channel’s episode as himself in 2014. He has made guest appearances in Makeup Manor, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and he was a celebrity judge for Brother vs. Brother.

Family and Children

Over the years, rumors of the alleged affair between David and Hilary have been circulating; it seems that the rumor never dies as it comes up regularly. The rumors could be because these two argue like a married couple. However, both teams have vehemently denied these allegations, and they maintain that they are just good friends. They have known each other for over a decade, so they developed a good rapport.

David is not a bachelor, he is married to his beautiful wife Krista Visentin, and they have a son named Logan. The couple met long ago and became good friends before getting married in 2006; they welcome their son in 2011, five years after tying the knot. Logan is now a 9-year old boy who is not in the public eye like his father.

Because David Visentin is a public figure, he understands the challenges that come with fame, and that is maybe why he chose to keep his family life private. Even on his social media pages, he doesn’t put out a lot of information unless it is work-related.

Other than the speculated rumors of an affair with Hilary, there aren’t any other scandals linked to David and his family.

Social Life

David is in the social media wave; he has an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account. However, his Instagram page is full of work-related posts and nothing of his personal. He is more active on Twitter than Instagram; his tweets reveal his sense of humor and charm that his audience gravitates towards easily. Currently, he has 34K plus followers on Twitter and 17K followers on Instagram.

We learned that his favorite dish to make is pasta through Twitter, and he executes it better than anyone else. David has a YouTube page where he posted videos of different properties, but the channel has been inactive for a while.

Net worth and Awards

The show Love It or List It has been around for at least a decade; therefore, David should have amassed a neat sum. At the time of publishing, David has a net worth of $6 million, but this is just a rough estimate as his income, endorsements and personal belongings are unknown to the public.

David is not known to have won any awards, but the show he hosts with Hilary was nominated twice in the Gemini Awards. This step shows that the industry recognizes the work they are doing, and hopefully, in the future, they will get an award.

Meanwhile, we continue to await the newest season of Love It or List It set to air in the coming months. We hope that this engineer turned realtor continues to grace our screens with his charm until he chooses to retire.

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