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Loni Anderson’s Daughter – Deidra Hoffman Wiki (Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth)

Deidra Hoffman is best known as the daughter of famous actress, Loni Anderson, and her ex-husband, Bruce Hassleberg, but this isn’t all she’s known for. Even though her parents were young when they married each other and had her – the marriage only lasted a couple years. Therefore, it left Loni Anderson to raise her as a single mother. Her half brother who was eventually adopted by Loni and her widowing husband, Burt Reynolds is one of her favorite siblings. But who is Deidra Hoffman? And why is she known by this name? Well, that’s because she married Chris Hoffman, and lives life with him. We’re going to give you some facts about Deidra Hoffman, and show how just because parents being actors doesn’t mean you have to be one too.

Some Interesting Facts About Deidra Hoffman

  • Where’s She From? The United States
  • When Was She Born? Hoffman was born in 1965
  • Current Age: She is 55 Years Old
  • Other Names: Deidra Kaye Hasselberg is her maiden name.
  • Mother: Loni Anderson
  • Father: Bruce Hasselberg
  • Marital Status: Married to Chris Hoffman
  • Brothers or Sisters: Quinton Reynolds
  • Kids? Two Children – McKenzie and Megan Hoffman
  • Lives In: Minnesota

The Life of Deidra Hoffman

As we touched on some of her life in the introduction, Deidra doesn’t actually have a big acting career like her mother, who has been known as a Golden Globe and even an Emmy nominated actress. Her mother has been married four times, but Deidra Is still actively living with her current husband, Chris Hoffman. Her mother had numerous problems that caused issues in her parents’ marriage (Loni and Bruce married young). 

Deidra had a lot of problems during her childhood being raised by her single mom. When her mother was working as a teacher, she also went to the University of Minnesota.

She ended up dealing with an abusive step-father, Burt Reynolds, and still has a half brother with the star and her mother. Years later, in 1993, her mother ended up divorcing Burt and ended up marrying Bob Flick, a musician from “The Brothers Four” folk group.

What Does She Do For a Living?

It is known that Deidra has been in a couple television shows during her lifetime, but she isn’t an actress like her mother. She appeared in one of the shows called “Intimate Portrait”, which was a show on the Lifetime network. She also ended up getting roles on episodes of shows such as “The Doctors”, and even played the lead role in the 1980 film “The Jayne Mansfield Story”.

Other than this though, she hasn’t really pursued life as an actress, and she has kept her actual career under wraps from the media. Many celebrities don’t disclose personal stuff like that with the media if they do something that they don’t want people to know about, and Deidra has proven to be an extremely private individual so she wasn’t in the bright lights of Hollywood.

It has been revealed that she married Chris Hoffman, and that they dated for quite a while, as well as have two children together.

Unfortunate Diagnosis

Life was hard for Deidra, but it became even harder when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in 2009. She had to pursue numerous treatments, which she had undergone as soon as she found out, but the disease still wreaked havoc on her body, and has continued to worsen over the years. While she had the support of her mother Loni, it has been a hard battle, and her mother was always by her side.

Multiple Sclerosis is a very dangerous disease that affects numerous people across the world, and is extremely debilitating. It’s unknown of what Deidra Hoffman’s current is, and what her life entails as far as career success, let alone relationship success with her famous husband Chris. However, it’s no surprise that despite all of the struggles they’ve endured, she has been a prominent point of strength for her mother Loni, who ended up with her heart and soul shattering after the initial diagnosis of MS. 


Many celebrity children have problems, but Deidra’s is a special one. Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than 10 years ago, life has been a struggle that some people don’t have to go through (who are fortunate enough). Her mother Loni, her husband Chris, and the rest of her family and children all help her as much as possible. She is known for her mother’s success, and possibly even shares some of the net worth that her mother has accumulated over the years – both with her own career and her many marriages.

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