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Michael Jordan’s Twin Girls – Victoria & Ysabel Wiki (Bio, Age, Pictures, Height)

Michael Jordan has been an NBA All Star for decades, as well as his roles as a VERY short-term baseball player, and even an actor over the years. He’s also been known to host many sports events as a speaker, and much more. He has twins that many people don’t even know about, who were born in 2014 just before Valentine’s Day. They are Ysabel and Victoria Jordan, and they were born when Jordan was just over 50 (51 to be exact) while his second wife Yvette Prieto was only 35 when the two were born. This article is to tell you as much info as we can about the Jordan twins, since there isn’t very much information out there.

Twins and Their Lives

Back in 2013, Jordan and his second wife ended up broadcasting their pregnancy, but they ddn’t tell anyone in the media about the fact that they were twins. They kept this secret from their beloved fans even, who ended up being more than surprised when the couple gave birth to Ysabel and Victoria.

The twins have been alive for only 6 years, and while many children of sports celebrities are all over the news, both of their parents who are celebrities themselves have been able to keep their lives private and personal, so that they can live as much of a normal life as possible. Nobody even really knows much about them, or have even seen them to see how they’ve been growing up, or if any of them are even a fan of basketball. The twins older brothers and sisters even don’t even post anything regarding the two little ones as to how they are developing – leaving many people in the loop. But this is actually a good thing since the media has a way of twisting things to the worst and exposing celebrity children to the public before they are ready.

The two twins, while the entire pregnancy was kept under wraps, was brought to the public though when Michael Jordan’s manager ended up telling E! (Entertainment) that they were born on Sunday, February 9th, of the year of 2014 in Florida’s West Palm Beach region. The manager shared that the baby and family were all doing well and was happy to share the arrival of the twins to the world.

Other Siblings

While nobody knows much about the twins’ lives at this point since they’ve only 6-years old, many people already have heard of Michael’s other children from his first wife, Juanita Vanoy. Marcus is 29 now, Jeffrey is 31, and Jasmine is 27. Many of them have worked with MJ on his famous Jordan Brand – with his daughter being a top executive with the Nike Jordan brand of shoes.

Private Life or Normal Life?

Part of the big reason why their lives aren’t shared anymore, is because Michael himself is getting older for one, and his daughters are too. Now that Michael Jordan is somewhat out of the limelight, he is trying to ensure that his newer children are able to live a normal life that his first children didn’t get to experience because of his fame, which primarily revolves around the career that he had with the championship winning team, the Chicago Bulls. Over the years, the fame has caused problems and much media attention, both wanted and unwanted – and the Jordans don’t want this to happen with his newest additions to the family. Many people also claim that during many interviews with Jordan in recent years, that he still primarily talks about his success during his career with the basketball team, and his past life, while keeping his family and personal life out of the subject as much as possible.

What’s in Store for the Twins?

Not much is known about the twins to this day. At 6 years old, they are more than likely in a private school, but of course, COVID-19 may have impacted this, causing them to be homeschooled. Michael Jordan and his wife don’t disclose any information on social media, or literally any media at this point regarding the twins and their lives. It is well known that his older children all share a similar passion with him regarding the Nike Jordan’s business, but other than that, not much is known or shared.

Where Do They Live?

Currently, Michael Jordan and his current wife Ysabel live in Bear Club, FL.

His First Marriage

Michael’s first wife, Juanita ended up separating in 2002. She filed a divorce, and eventually withdrew the petition after a few months so that they could try to work out their relationship. It had been years that they’d been together, and she wanted their marriage to prosper. However, in 2006, she ended up filing for the divorce again, and it was finalized as they were unable to work out their differences. It is known though, that the two still get along regularly so that they can be there for their children. 

Jordan’s daughter Jasmine, and her boyfriend that she is going to marry ended up making Michael Jordan a grandfather (scary thought, right?) back in May of last year (2019) when they ended up having their first baby boy. 

The New Marriage

Michael took some time to himself while he was divorced, but met Yvette at a club in Florida back in 2008. They ended up not tying the knot immediately, and waited three years to get married. Michael was the one that proposed to her on Christmas back in 2011, and they were engaged for a couple years after that. They ended up having their harmonious wedding with just about 300 visitors at the same church that near-former President Donald Trump and his wife Melania ended up getting married at. They ended up having a reception afterwards at the Bears Club in Jupiter near Michael’s home at the famous golf course.


Many celebrities kids are well-known even if there isn’t any information about them, but when it comes to the two Jordan twins – Victoria and Ysabel, nobody really knows much about them at all, other than their existence within the Michael Jordan family.

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