Is NF Related to Eminem

NF might not be one of the biggest names in the American entertainment industry. However, after his album pushed that of Chance the Rapper out of the No.1 position on the Billboard chart, he got a reasonable degree of recognition. The success of his album made people notice the similarity between his sound and that of Eminem. It also made fans wonder if he is in any way related to Eminem.

NF, born Nathan John Feuerstein, might look and sound like Eminem. However, he is not related to the legendary rapper.

Why is NF’s Sound Similar to Eminem’s?

Since coming into the limelight in the early 2010s’, NF has had to deal with a couple of comparisons to Eminem. The two rappers might not have a relationship. However, NF is Eminem’s fan. Also, NF revealed that he spent six years listening to Eminem.

About NF

NF was born in Gladwin, Michigan, and put out his debut album in 2010. This album was titled ’Moments’. Four years after putting out this album, NF got signed by Capitol Christian Music Group.

NF grew up in Michigan and discovered hip-hop music as an emotional outlet. The rapper went through a great deal of physical abuse. He also suffered from his mother’s tragic death. While his upbringing is not something anyone would wish for, it has a major role in helping fans connect to his music. Beyond simply connecting fans to his music, NF’s upbringing also helps him appreciate Eminem’s work.

NF released an album titled Perception in 2017. This album was able to make it to no. 1. Also, not up to two years after, his album made it to the top again. This time, it pushed out Ed Sheeran and Chance the Rapper. 

The rapper might have a similar sound to Eminem. However, that is not the only that connects him to the legendary rapper. He has absolute love and respect for Eminem, and he has had this on like a badge. In 2017, he put up a tweet stating he can’t have respect for anyone that considers Eminem wack.

Just as one would expect from a rapper that appreciates Eminem so much, NF has his favorite Eminem tracks. Although he has had to pick five out of his many loved songs by Eminem, the rapper has made it known that making this choice is not so easy.

If you have listened to NF’s album, you can easily tell that he uses the same polysyllabic rhymes as Eminem. Just like Eminem, a lot of his songs are about his point of view and feelings. His style dates back the style of rappers that enjoyed the limelight in the 1990s. It did not give up on passion and melody.

NF might never be as big as Eminem. Nonetheless, if there is anyone that can fill any void left by Eminem, NF might be the one to fill this void.

Is Eminem Comfortable with NF

There have been lots of comparisons between NF and Eminem. This might seem great. Nonetheless, it appears Eminem is not comfortable with these many comparisons.

To make it obvious he does not like these comparisons, Eminem took a swipe at the artist in his song ‘The Ringer’.

A line in this song made fans believe Eminem considers NF a clone of him. The two rappers are white and are from Michigan. Also, they have very similar deliveries and writing styles. Beyond that, their logos are similar. It also seems like they could be related.

Although Eminem and NF have always been compared, there is no known relationship between NF and Eminem. 

While Eminem has a half-brother, known as Nathan, he is not Nathan Feuerstein (NF) but Nathan Mathers. Eminem’s brother has also released a song, but his song never made it to the top.

While no one really enjoys being compared with another person, NF and Eminem might just have to get used to these many comparisons and deal with them maturely.

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