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Jennifer Lopez’s Son – Maximillian David Muniz Wiki (Bio, Age, Siblings)

In recent times, people have been paying keener attention to the life of Jenifer Lopez. She is a singer and actor that had finally married Marc Anthony, whom she had been a friend with for a long time. This marriage came after several heartbreaks, bring stability to her life in the area of relationships. After their marriage, JLo had given birth to twins, both of whom are growing rapidly. In fact, one of them is gradually taking up the same steps as her mom. One event that brought this child to the limelight is Super Bowl LIV Half Time Show. Emme, the girl in the twins, had an outstanding performance that made a lot of people curious about her brother, Maximillian

David’s Popularity Before Being Born

Jenifer Lopez’s successful life has drawn a lot of media attention to her personal life such that the media wants to know everything about her including her relationship. The most stable relationship of all her publicly declared relationship was with Marc Anthony. Yet, this relationship was always in the media because Marc Anthony is also a singer.

Since the couple’s lives had always been in the news, it was no wonder that the fans will also find interest in knowing things about Jennifer’s kids. In 2007, the family became the highlight of the newspaper’s speculations about JLo’s pregnancy. After series of media runs, Jennifer Lopez chose her concert tour at Miami, which she co-headlined with her husband, to announce their expectation of their first child.

When announcing it, her husband is reported to have leaned in to kiss her belly as he later said he never expected her to reply to the media.

Mother- Jennifer Lopez

Maximillian’s mother, Jennifer Lynn Lopez is the child of two Puerto Rican Immigrants and was given birth on 24th July 1969 after the family, mother (Guadalupe Rodriguez), and father (David Lopez) had migrated to New York City, USA.

JLo is the second of three girls. Her older sister is Leslie, while her younger sister is Lynda. JLo is an iconic singer who had been nominated for several awards including Golden Globe and has songs that have hit the billboard top 100.

As an actress, she became the first Latino Actress who was awarded a million-dollar contract. She had acted in several movies including Shades of Blue, Monster-in-Law, Manhattan.

Father- Marc Anthony

Max’s father, Marc Anthony is the child of another set of Puerto Ricans, with his father Felipe Muniz working as a hospital cafeteria worker and functioning as a musician. Born on September 16, 1968, Marc is the Guinness World Record holder for having many number 1 selling albums.

His love for acting had seen him acting in such movies as Man on Fire and Bringing Out the Dead.

Maximillian Has A Twin

Jennifer’s first child turned out to be fraternal twins when they finally came on February 22, 2008. The birth happened at the North Shore University Hospital located in New York. The baby girl arrived before the boy and was named Emme Maribel Muniz, while her brother was name Maximilian, David Muniz. The family was reported to have spent a lot of money on their delivery, with the estimation being 1.4 million dollars.

The news of their birth caused another media frenzy as different organizations sought to be the first to break the news to the people and also show the baby’s new. A reputable magazine, Celebrity Magazine People, made an offer of $6 million to be the exclusive owner of the first photos the babies will take. This amount made their picture become the most expensive celebrity picture the organization will ever take. The family eventually used the People Magazine to introduce the twins to the public on the 11th March 2008.

Twins with Opposite Personality

During her performance at the Super Bowl, alongside her mother and Shakira, Emme’s resemblance with her mother was easily noticed by most observers. On the other hand, Max has much semblance with his father, Marc Anthony.

These opposing physical features are just a part of the many things that make it easy to tell them apart. During a 2015 interview published in Latin Times, JLO delved a bit into the personality of the twins. She said that Max is a mini version of Marc. And Emme is a Mini version of JLO. She also stated that Emme can be super focused as well as sensitive, but also quiet and focused. On the other hand, Max is the one with a lot of energy, who is also very funny.

The public witnessed this personality difference when the twins were invited to Ellen’s show. Despite how shy the twins were, Max was incredibly funny even when he is doing nothing of such.

For fun, Jennifer Lopez allowed her children to grant her an interview, which she later uploaded on her YouTube Channels. The video was uploaded with the title ‘Twin Talk: AMA with Emme and Max. It revealed how goofy Max could be as it could be seen from the video that he repeatedly asked a humorous question like the most trouble his mother got into when she was his age or did she think math was useless. This video also showed Jennifer’s love for her children and the things she found intriguing about each of them. She stated that one thing that intrigued her about Max was his humorous side, incredible vocabulary, and a big heart. She believes he has an enormous heart, which enunciated his care.

Inheriting Musical Talents

Although Emme, Max’s sister performance at the Super Bowl LIV got the attention of JLo’s fans towards her musical prowess, Max is also a lover of music. The same 2015 Latin Times interview revealed that max is also musically good, meaning he got the genes of his musician parents just like his sister.

JLo explained how they both showed interest in piano and voice lessons. JLo posted a video collage of Max to celebrate his 11th birthday. This video was posted on her Instagram.

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